Sometimes, I'm a humongous nerd

I have a few swords in my condo, a few of them are actually practical (ie dangerous) weapons. And then again , I do stuff like purchase stuff like this: .

That’s pretty badass, though.

Sometimes, my cousin is a the humongous nerd.

To be honest, if I had money to blow, I’d get stuff like that.

I figure if I ever strike it rich or something, I’d devote a whole room to just being weapons and armor. It’d be all sorts of badass. Also, it’d be like a mini-armory.

That sword is pretty impressive… very stylish.
Although, being a nerd myself, I just have to ask, can you actually ‘rev’ the handle?

I must admit I’d be very tempted to buy that if I had the money… In fact when I was in the sword shop in York last month, they had a very geeky sword in their collection. Even geekier than all the Lord of the Rings sword replicas they had, they actaully had a replica of the Master Sword from Zelda. Was very tempted to buy it.

Pretty awesome. More awesome than any of the swords that I have, both for the game source and the attention to detail.

Oh God you ARE a nerd. :smiley:

Nice of you to remember your humble roots, Oh Cerebral One. :wink:

But yeah, that IS a cool sword. Can you actually cut things with it? (I know some people actually do make working copies of fantasy weapons. But video game swords tend to be a little, shall we say, unrealistic. Can anyone wield Cloud’s sword, for example?)


Aww, did I make Sinny cry? :smiley: I’m sorry!

However, you’re the one that said it first. Hee hee.

The only video game sword I would get would probably be the Soul Reaver.

I’d get an Iron Sword from Fire Emblem

You paid what for this?

Sin, you are an active admin in a forum ostensibly dedicated to videogames. Do not be deluded by the recent surge of hipster gaming trends, this shit is still profoundly geeky.

As for the sword: It’s a fucking sword. We are in the twenty-first century. If you wanted something of real rather that theoretical practicality, you’d get a fucking gun. A sword nowadays is a decoration, be it a claymore or the Master Sword, so what the hell, might as well get a cool-looking one.

Not too crazy about the model, but hey, if you liked it, it’s cool.

I recently found a sword and hilt/belt in my grandma’s house the other day. It has all these crazy ass crosses on it and I wonder where it’s from cause it makes me think crusade. Also, it has Jacob Lawson engraved on it

Vorpy will know what this means.


I think he already answered your question, though. “I have a few swords in my condo, a few of them are actually practical (ie dangerous) weapons. And then again ,…” Impractical and not dangerous?

However, the blade appears to be metal, so I’m sure he could whet it to lethality, but that would be plain silly…and this sword is already plain silly.

But I like it.

I found a costume Chinese sword in my Aunt’s childhood closet at my grandma’s house. It had a full metal scabbard but the hilt was loose. If not for that I’d have thought it was real.

Not to mention the fact he has over ten thousand posts, and that isn’t counting pre-deletion V-Bulletin, EZBoards, and Miva. <_<

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