Sometimes, I just HATE long distance relationships.

I just can’t stand em…I mean, I’m in one right now, but…sighI can’t stop thinking about her, and since we don’t live near each other, its just worse ><

I can’t stop having long distance, since for some reason, no-one likes me where I live, so thats not gonna help either.

I need to find a way to get closer to said person…sighs…then crys softly

Preachin’ to the choir boy.

It is really rough even if you’re commited to it. Just a piece of advice, if you’re not in some sort of caring loving relationship, then it wont work. You need to want said person to wait for them long.

So how long have ya been waiting if you dont mind me asking? Ive been there done all that, bought the T shirt.

EDIT: Btw, it seems like you’re having a LDR just because girls dont like you where you live. I assume its an internet relationship then? Yeah those rarely work unless its adult and serious.

Well, Eva said it.

But if you ever need help or anything ya can PM me if you want.

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Btw, it seems like you’re having a LDR just because girls dont like you where you live. I assume its an internet relationship then? Yeah those rarely work unless its adult and serious.

That’s part of the reason, the other reason is well…I really care for this person. And yeah, its internet, ATM, at least, because we don’t wanna piss our familys off with phone bills, and its easier to type things online than it is on a letter or something, ya know?

Ah yes, but don’t get so into the habit that you’ll be more open online than on the phone or in person. Eventually you’ll have to take a step further and tell your parents. OR are really difficult for minors, but I’ll gaurantee you that if you care for this girl as you say (and yes, it’s possible online for some people, i keep an open mind) then your life will start going topsey turvey and your parents will notice your behavior and your frequent online presence.

Anyways back to the talking thing. Dont become so involved online that you’ll be shy when you go to talk to each other. An online relationship can destroy it itself if not handled in the right frame of mind.

I know I can’t be shy…I’ve called her a coupla times on my cell(so the bill won’t be outrageous…I think I spelled that right). And my mom knows a little bit…to be honest, thats the ONLY reason I have my internet right now…And I just know this is going to work out…I’ve never felt this way about anyone…I just hope she is as sincere to me as I am to her…

It’s a good thing you really care for her.

Me and my mom have teased each other over the phone card. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, if you really care for her you’ll wait and be patient. You can only do so much. Believe me.

Sometimes? The word should be always.

I can’t do much more than wish you luck. So that is what I’m going to do: Good luck onwards.

The world is cruel. You need to be strong… And always have a backup plan. Paranoid parents can ruin everything.
Oh, and try not to go too fast, or it can derail without warning.
Be very, VERY careful.

If distance is such a big problem, then maybe you should try either using voice chat for a while or planning a meeting for the near future. It may sound far-fetched, but anxiety can be a killer.

I’ll shut up now, before I go on a rage.

Heh. Just heh.

It has nothing to do with the world being cruel…people who wish to care for each other who live in different cities or provinces, and more specifically, an online relationship should know what they’re getting into. Both are extremely hard to maintain and require a mature trust between both parties, and a lot of sacrifice.

Maybe it’s just a phase this guy is going through. Hopefully he’ll learn to move on.

Some people only seem to make friends among people who live too far to visit. That can be an advantage when it comes to forgetting failures, but it’s a pain when things reach a certain level.

A lot of trust and honesty. There has to be some kind of care and maturity in an online realtionship. If you’re strong you’ll live through it. If you wait, good things will come.

Well, good luck!

Amazing how whipped someone can be, even at great distances.

Originally posted by Epicgamer
Amazing how whipped someone can be, even at great distances.

looks at hades for no reason and coughs

LordKaiok, if it’s going to work it will, if not it won’t, don’t worry so much. Also, stop whining, it never helped anything :stuck_out_tongue:


Hades isn’t even in a relationship and he’s still whipped :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, look at it this way: at least you HAVE a relationship. I’m so lonely…:too bad;

whipped by the female gender in general :stuck_out_tongue: (haha I’m just kidding with you Hades)

but yeah, my only advice for you would be to not take “it” too seriously, it being any sort of defined relationship. If you like the person, you should just be able to be like, hey! and talk, and have “it” be in deed and word merely the interaction of two very close friends. Because close friendships, I guarantee you, will work over the internet 100% of the time - but as soon as it gets into the “romantic relationship” ideal, that’s when you and she start feeling the pressures to do things that frankly just don’t work over an internet setting (cybersex comes to mind), and that’s when it all falls apart.

That, and try with all your might, with all the love you have for her, to find a way to, in the conceivable future, meet with her. And once you and she meet…then it’s anybody’s guess as to where the relationship will go, and so long as neither of you have any expectations for the “furthering” of your relationship, whatever happens should feel really nice.

-Mazrim Taim

You know, I’ve been told that online relationships never work out, and all that stuff MANY MANY TIMES!!

But…I’ve never felt this way about anyone…I’ve thought I’ve loved someone before but…I never felt the way I’m feeling now…and you can be assured…the second I get my liscense…