More something.

White washed walls without pillow cases
Surrounded by unfamiliar faces
A million places I’d rather be
Can’t find a way to set myself free
Needles sting like treacherus bees
poke poke poke
choke choke choke
“Croaked, he did” one of them say
But they can’t find a way to make me stay
Over their heads I float float float away
Out the window and onto a boat!
Put on my coat, full ahead bloke!
“This ones lost it, just pull the support.”

Quite original, good job.

I love it smiles your really good 10 out of 10

nice one

About a neardeath experience/death from the view of the one who goes. That’s an innovative one, and presented well too.

You do good work, Sorcerer! Like it lots! Keep up the good work!! :yipee: