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the end of fansubbing? it will be a sad day

Won’t happen. There are hundreds of fansubbing groups, some working on the same projects (there are several working on SEED Destiny, for instance). As long as IRC still exists, subbing will continue.

I think it’s too early to say that fansubbing is going to grind to a halt because of this. Certainly if other Japanese studios start actively protesting fansubs then it could become an issue.

As for the point of Western sales dropping because people have already seen the product, I can see that being a concern. What anime fans can do is support the industry by buying the commercial copies of titles that they enjoy, if at all possible. If they prefer the fansub version, they can keep it content with the knowledge that they’re “doing their part”.

On the other side, Westenr distributors could add special features to translated releases, whether on the videos/DVDs themselves, and extra things (cards, keychains, etc) with the packaging that would make getting the commerical release worthwhile (above and beyond simply supporting the industry). For example, the Vampire Princess Miyu DVDs have image galleries on them.

Do you know the exact reason behind this move though.

What it was is the something showed up on animesuki fansubbed that was a full motion picture 1 day before it was even supposed to be previewed at a japanese theatre. The company was pissed. So to cover their arses animesuki pulled the link. The company threateninh to sue animesuki caused animesuki to pull all links from said production studio. Although obviously it’s an internal issue since no one would have been able to get the video out before its initial showing otherwise.

Oh yeah this all happend back in December. Its been two months since this initially happend and fansubbing is still going strong so I really think we have no worry.

If it werent for us subbies, anime would be doomed

Who knows, maybe they got something against free advertisement?

They could also bother to do some sort of casting and voice-directing in order to make sure the right voice goes to the right character…

Christ was the dubbing for Shin Getter Robo : Armageddon fantabulous. Douglas Taylor = TEH MAN!

i don’t think there is much they can do about the U.S. music pirating . . so there won’t be anything done for much longer about our anime pirating . . . (it’s only illegal if it’s a liscensed show . . . but how do they expect us to stop when we’ve already seen 121 episodes of naruto?!)