Something Vaguely Interesting

Today, exactly two minutes and three seconds after one 'o clock, the exact date will be 01:02:03, 04/05/'06.


Today, exactly 14 minutes and 23 seconds after 1 o’clock, the exact date will be 13:14:23, 04/05/2006


Cless’ pikapikapikapika is weak. WEAK.


I don’t get the big deal. We’ll see this again next year with 2:03 4/5/06, right?

I noticed this three years ago.

I threw a party on 01/02/03. I remember it was a Friday.

There was 01/02/03 04:05:06 on that day too.

I’ll celebrate next month, on the 4th of may, since to me you always put DD/MM/YYYY


No, but we’ll see it on 12:34 5/6/07.

Good thing you posted this topic like 9 hours after it happened.

Consider your timezone. To me, he posted only two hours late, it was probably on time wherever he is.

In his time zone he posted it at 12:53 pm.

Almost 10 minutes before said event.

That’d be almost 12 hours after, not 10 mins before. It’s 01:02:03, not 13:02:03.

I read this on the YTMND forums, and again on 4chan, apparently, it happens once a century.


I lol’ed.

Oh, and there’s also 12:34:56 7/8/09. I don’t think the calendar system allows higher scrutiny than that.

And May 4 is also cool for purposes of, y’know, it’s Star Wars day.

All very interesting. And yet oh so boring.

Oh well.