Something that's been bugging me for all of 2 days...

Which is worse: cradle-robbing, or grave-robbing?


I am a somewhat firm believer of the “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” philosophy, and to me a cadaver is no more than an empty shell as well as a tomb is barely more than a place where people think their departed ones can hear them.

Yes, grave-robbing is an atrocity and complete lack of respect for the deceased and his/her family, and there’s also the whole sacrilege deal for the believers of just about ever religion out there, but to me it’s still not even remotely as horrible as the kidnapping (As well as possible outcomes, like slavery) of a living, breathing, human being.

I think she means pedophilia as compared to necrophilia.

Then that’s a completely different matter that freaks me out way too much to discuss.

Big word…hurt…brain. Well, the second one does atleast. XD

I won’t tell you what necrophilia is, but you are free to look it up for yourself.

I’m gonna have to say that both are cool in my book.

Ok… you need help. Like now.

Um, grave robbing, um, no no. but in the sense that its disturbing dead ppl, ya. thats just wrong, immoral, and inconsiterate.

On the cradle robbing, in the sense of pedophilia, (as there is another meaning, thats all not that bad) thats just plain wrong. they seriously need help, and ug, its just sick. seriously. these ppl, Michael Jackson, and any others, need to be either lockedup forever, or shot. and die a very painful death.

on the other meaning, of like a large age difference between two ppl in a relationship. depends. if its like an 80 yr old with an 18 yr old, thats bad, as all thats for, is the sex and the money (the girl gets it). now if its a definate love relationship, thats not that bad. i know a few ppl, and the difference in age can and is overcome, for true love.

Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it, dude!



Did you just say that kidnapping isn’t that big of a deal, but that pedophiles should get a bullet in their brain?

pedozep rears his head!

The former. Even though I think the latter quite grave (yes, that is a pun), a corpse is no longer alive, and thus has no conscience or soul. It cannot feel or know pain. In the former case, the consequences will usually deeply harm the individual for the rest of his or her life, which is especially tragic because it is a life which began recently.

I don’t think he’s talking about dead people, I think he’s referring to young people going after old people, such as what Anna Nicole Smith did with that one billionaire. Robbing the cradle is conversely old people going after young people, like a 60 year old going after 18 year olds. They are similar, but have some significant differences.

Both are very wrong.

If I were at gunpoint, and offered these two choices. I’d say “No”.

This has been bothering you for two days? Please, find something better to do during Christmas break. :smiley:

Well, it also depends on who you’re talking about. For instance – to take an example at random – Dizzy, from Guilty Gear, is chronologically 3 years old, but is physically and mentally around 20-ish. Conversely, Sol Badguy from the same series is chronologically about 130-ish, but is physically about 30-ish. Of course, there’s also the whole “he’s possibly her dad” deal, but … stop looking at me like that!

Robbery is always wrong, but a corpse has no legal possesion of anything.

I don’t care about dead bodies. If people bury me with my stuf and someone then opens the coffin to take my watch and teeth and stuff, I’ll say that the “thief” is the one who’s right.

More than just Christmas break…it shouldn’t bug someone that long at any time.

Val, the theme of this thread is now going to bother me for two days.

Thanks a lot for spreading the sickness.

grumble, mutter

Well, its a three-way order of how disgusting each is. If we are talking, like, a 22 yo going out with a 15 yo, and the two can somehow have a decent relationship, then it is the lesser. THen Necrophilia, which enters the realm of the simply deranged, but gets a step under from whats next since the victims won’t feel it. The worst thats possible is that some angel (or demon) servant will come to you and say ‘dude, someone just raped you irl’. Lastly comes the whole ‘priests banging on 4 yos’ form of pedo, which is worst, because not only do victims feel it, but it is a horrible age to have to suffer it, and it’ll haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Personally, I’ve always thought that cradle-robbing is the worse of those two particular evils. It just makes me sick to think of some of the disgusting things people are willing to do.