Something similar to is a subdivision of FanFiction.Net, a site where you can post original works not based on anything at all.

Many thanks to Weiila for pointing this out to me a while ago. Just thought I’d share the word, because I know I’m not the only person around here who doesn’t write fan fiction.

Thank the Flying Monkeys Gods of Atrii. phew

Sorc, just a bit of advice:


There. Still, that is nice that they allow actual fiction instead of just fanfiction.

Is that supposed to be insulting towards

hey, I love, but mostly because of all the REALLY bad fanfics there. i remember this really bad Zoids one that was written like the worst romance novel ever. Gods, i still giggle at the memory ^^

Well, I don’t like any fanfiction, and I was complaining to weiila about there not being any sites for real literature like there is for fanfiction, and she said that the people at had started up a site for non-fanfiction, and it should be up pretty soon.

Well, it’s up, so I figured I’d post it.

This site also has it’s fair share of stupidity. For example, a poem about cherry pie. Another one about how some kid hates algebra.

Well, at least they can’t destroy any characters from our beloved RPGs THERE! :o

Anyway… I remember back when still had NC-17 rating. There were a few of those in the Zero Wing section O_O;; <small>No, I didn’t read them, just took a look for fun and almost jumped off my chair…</small>

Glad to be able to help, Sorc :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Sorcerer
This site also has it’s fair share of stupidity. For example, a poem about cherry pie.

Hey, last time somebody wrote a poem about cherry pie, they set music to it and had a top 40 hit.


“She’s my cherry pie / blah blah blah blah blah blah* sweet surprise / looks so good make a grown man cry / sweet cherry pie!”


  • = I don’t remember the words.

It’s quite a good website Sorc, I think I might upload some of my works in progress onto there.