Something I'm interested in finding out

It’s a bit of a crude topic really, but this is mainly aimed towards the girls, although guys comments are welcome.

If a guy is good at eating you out but is bad at actual sex (penetration etc.), would you prefer him over someone that doesn’t eat you out but is good at having sex with you? Or is the vice versa true?

Of the girls I’ve asked IRL, I’ve mostly got mixed opinions, although the trend seems to be that girls do prefer to be eaten out since they say it’s more pleasureable.


What will the whim of the mods be on this one?

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Hey you. You should probly ask some people in a manner that’s a bit more…I dunno…PRIVATE??? GET IT??? HAHAHAHAHAHA, IT’S COS YOU’RE ASKING, HAHAH ABOUT THE PRIVATES AND THEN I’M TELLING YOU TO, HOHAAAAA WHOA GOD THAT’S FUNNY!!! :D:D:D:D

If the girls don’t like being fucked its cuz the guy can’t do it right and well… that’s just sad. CLOSED.

don’t bring up subjects like this again.