Something I Wrote

I’m having some writer’s block and that’s why I haven’t updated my origin, but I wrote this short thing as I was bored.

Walking through the desolate wasteland of our monotonous world I am forever itching within my soul for some holy rapture, some experience of enlightened epiphany to expand my ever hungry consciousness.
I grow weary of the stagnant genocidal whims of our human kind.
I wish to escape the shackles of forewarned pre-judgement.
Yet release form this prison of hypocritical flesh and suicidal self loathing is simply impossible, until our kind evolves beyond it’s current state of greedy and lustful self preservation it is only a matter of time till we are all destroyed by ourselves in a blaze of self-righteous nuclear Armageddon.

Staring into the apathy encrusted bloodstained eyes witnessed in my hateful mirror brings me little comfort these days. Hands covered in the blood of the so-called righteous and weapons stained red by my holy crusade do not please me like they used to. Once long ago, ascending the innocent to unknowing martyrdom was a frequent and beloved past time of mine which resulted in much jubilation in my soul.
Now I feel no joy. No sadness. No remorse. It is simply a task. I simply terrorise the world because I must. I do it because I cannot stop. My mind plagues me with constant thoughts, constantly reminding me that fools still walk our streets and that false prophets and liars haunt our beloved race.

Jihad. Jihad. Jihad.

I once believed in this Jihad. No longer.

I have no idea what it’s about anyway, I was just bored.