Something I noticed about video games of the last 10-12 years


First you had early consoles and games like the Colecovision, Atari 2600, Odyssey II, you could kind of tell games were looking better, but they all played the same. Then there was the jump from A2600 to the NES. The not only had the graphics taken a jump in quality, but gameplay had been completely revolutionized. Then there you had the genesis and SNES (and TG16). Again, the graphics had been given a huge boost, but the gameplay hadn’t changed all that much (unless you count the FX chip from nintendo and Starfox, etc). Then with the Saturn, PSone and especially the 64 and Mario 64, games were rendered in 3D. Again, there was a monumental shift in graphics, and gameplay had been futher revolutionized.

Now, here’s what I noticed. Since then, there hasn’t been anything that has really revolutionized gameplay. Sure graphics have gotten better, and you have online play, but the online play doesn’t do anything new to how the games themselves are actually played. You’re just playing with people who aren’t in front of you. The Wii, and to a smaller extent, the PS3 have are doing something different with motion sensor controls, but that’s more or less a novelty. So unless I’m wrong, when are we going to see that next revolution in how games are played?

Have you actually played any games on either the Wii or the DS? This is very, very different from what’s happened in the past. Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is totally unlike any other game I’ve played from an interaction point of view - and it’s a big name, not a one-off. It doesn’t work perfectly, but you can’t deny it’s different. :sunglasses:

A) I’m not counting handhelds

B) There’s no guaranty that the motion sensor technology will be the next direction for gaming, or if it is just a novelty. It’s cute, to be sure, and it’s fun and it’s made nintendo plenty of money, but will it be the next direction of the next several generations?

Not too original (at least for pc users) but the wii would lend itself fine to point and click games. Right now I’m thinking of Fallout and other 3/4 games but taking into account there were suckas who paid for Command & Conquer 64 the sky’s the limit! Actually strategy games with big models would do fine.

I also expect to see controversial titles like Brothel:The Visiting, LSD:Psychedelia babe!, MySimZ:Verbal Boss Degradation (Play as employer or employee! Poppy harvesting add-on ties the game with the rest of the series!) and such sim (and plenty of sandbox) games. The rest of my ideas are pretty conventional, like a River City style game in 3D with plenty of backflips. Backflips of Doom!Feel free to continue in a more serious vein.

on preview: my credo is that only a Fallout or Starcraft sequel can bring a true revolution. Actually I’m all hyped to play Mario Galaxy, that’s why I’m writing all that incoherent drivel.

Why wouldn’t you count handhelds? Are they somehow not gaming?
And I doubt the Wii is going to go away. Motion sensing isn’t just “cute”, it’s really a way of immersing you in the game without all that annoying and clunky “virtual reality” junk. It’s more subtle, meaning it’s more likely to stick around.

Damn, you took what I was going to say. Curse you, mind thieves!

The Wii has proved that motion sensing, when used properly, can provide a more immersive, and more fun atmosphere of gaming. The DS has accomplished this same task, if only to a slightly lesser degree. You are no longer really playing the game so much as <i>experiencing</i> the game, enjoying the increased interaction between the real world and the virtual creation.

The enormous steps in gaming have been taken for the most part. Graphics will continue to improve, but little else will change in the games themselves. Rather, it’s the <b>way</b> games are played that will be changed, with greater emphasis placed on how the player interacts with what is presented rather than how many processors a system has. Nintendo has gone from collapsing into a two-bit ruin caused by years of piracy paranoia and general bad marketing to being THE most important player in the current video game market.

And just so you know, I don’t own either a Wii or a DS; I have a 360. My brother has a Wii, but I’m barely home to play it. Even so, I can see how this may change gaming for the better. Now, if only there weren’t horribly wrong porn games being made for both systems. (God damn it, Japan, first you defile adventure games, and now the DS?! For shame!)

Originally Posted by d Galloway
Damn, you took what I was going to say. Curse you, mind thieves!

That’s Mind ‘TAKER!!’ We don’t thieve the mind. We ‘Take’ the mind.

Now, if only there weren’t horribly wrong porn games being made for both systems.

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