Something I heard on the radio yesterday...

…except crappy gags by a comedic duo.

Supposedly, the US greenlighted research/production/what-have-you on jets that would go to hypersonic speed. They’d be able to travel from the US to anywhere in the world in less than 2 hours. Their motive? So that they can interfere rapidly without making mega-airfields and having to negociate land with country they want to make a military mega-airfield or something like that. Basically, people, just start crunching out them theories, I smell a…hmm, rat going on.

I wouldn’t trust this, but I wanted to make a topic.

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That’d be cool though. You’d have the US Air Force surfing on little robots like these, and they’d blast the shit out of stuff.

TD, where the BUTT do you get this stuff?

In his ass.

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Anyway, speak of original topic, this is getting stupidier by the second.

This is horrible. I’m not sure whether it is true or not, but if we are trying to do it, we could only be doing it so we can kill MORE people- and possibly try to Americanize the whole world. -_-

And… uh… Where the… “butt?” o_O

I’m sorry, but there are plenty of better clean phrases you could use. Like “where in the nine Hells” or “where in flying monkey heaven” or “where in Sam Hill,” and stuff like that.

That’s true, it was definitely for that purpose. As long as it has “intervention” + “military”, you can equate “killing visible minorities, or just people the governement doesn’t like”.

Where in the holy name of Beljeebus is this?