Something everyone should buy

The reviews tell you everything you need to know.

This is so awesome, I can’t help it.

My gay hurts knowing this exists.


Best shirt ever.

Did you mean this

From that link, I have found out that you can apparently buy whole milk from I never knew that.

LMAO! I found this years ago and have been looking for it ever since. Thank you SO MUCH for finding this!

Actually, one of my friends from work found it. I wish he had found it AT work so I could goof off reading it. :smiley:

Rinn - the thing that disturbs me the most about that link is that there are men’s sizes available.

That’s the shirt for me, a lone wolf who lives by nobody’s rules . . . but nobody’s.

I find it bizzare that you can actually order groceries from Amazon now. WTF.

Shirt’s ok, though.

There is no way that our shirt cures AIDS.

What’s so special about this shirt? I see these types of shirts all the time. Wolves are nice, though.

I just go my wolf shirt in the mail. I am now pleasuring six women simultaneously. Do the math, Gila!

I think your shirt isn’t working. I just got my wolf shirt in the mail, and I am now being pleasured by six women simultaneously.

This thing made the news. [( Not just internet news, television news.

Yeah it seems like everyone’s in on some joke I don’t know about, because this is just a normal shirt.

Ah, but I receive pleasure from giving pleasure. The wolf shirt understands the needs and wants of the wearer, though the wearer is certainly not the master… or even the owner.

For $2500.00 + S&H, no less. That’s gotta be some pretty fucking awesome milk.

As far as I can tell (from the news link) it IS just a normal shirt. (Just like “Cockmongler” is just a normal person with a funny smile.)
Internet made it a celebrity.

It’s ridiculously far from normal.

Only because it’s an inanimate internet celebrity.