Something disturbing for the Snape fans...

Beware the epileptic and LSD-inspired backgrounds.

That gave me a headache.
Damn you!

Yes, it also gave me a headache.

Man, I remember checking this out ages ago. Love it.

What happened to the link? It’s an ERROR!

Page works fine for me. I love it.

Error message.

Same. 404.

That’s…scary…really scary.

that was so great…

I hate quicktime and its not letting me see it. GSM SMASH! Hope someone will put it on newgrounds, rar.

Alright, Has any one Seen Tom Riddle?

Big Nutter

Okay, Star that is just wierd.

That was fuckin horrible!

(Reads last 2 posts) Too Right.

I bostow the Dark mark on that thing called a Flash Movie.

Curses, what magic is it that causes some people to see it just fine and gives other people 404 Not Found errors!?

LOL Hey go look up Potter Puppet Pals! They have other movies that aren’t evil, more like worthy of the best satire award!

Do it earlier in the day. They have a limited amount of bandwidth each day (I got the error message before- but saw the uh… interesting video the next day).



That was all? I liked it, but that was all?