Something bugging me, Eek! The Cat related

Ok, remember how “Eek! The Cat” usually had “The Terrible Thunder Lizards” following it (as in, after the second commercial break)? Occasionally though, there was a different show following it instead. Does anyone remember what that show was?

Did it involve two cavemen? One of them was always saying, “When will the hurting stop?”

The humans were The Terrible Thunder Lizards. Well, you know, that’s what their show was called.

I didn’t like Eek! The Cat, so i’d just sit through it to watch The Terrible Thunder Lizards :stuck_out_tongue:

What was terrible thunder lizards about?

The Terrible Thunder Lizards was about how cavemen and dinosaurs existed at the same time. The dinosaurs were sophisticated and had cities, and the cavemen, well, lived in caves. The Terrible Thunder Lizards were like some sort of dinosaur task force that went after the “evil dinosaurs”, which were just skeletons in black robes, while the inept cavemen usually inadvertently foiled the Thunder Lizard’s plans and got blown up a lot or something. I forget. That is an old cartoon.

FYI-- I think the voice of one the cavemen was done by the actor that played “Booger” in “The Revenge of the Nerds” movies. Another vague pop culture reference for y’all.

No, The Terrible Thunder Lizards were sent to eliminate the human threat. They never succeeded and always ended up blowing up cultists instead, though.