Someone tell me what's wrong with this

Take a look at a scanned Absentee Ballot from Michigan.


The arrows next to the presidential candidates are shifted down. And it looks like Teddy Kennedy is in the Republican logo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently they’re in the process of recalling them, but still, that’s a pretty big fuck up.

Yeah. I’d recall it too if it listed Teddy Kennedy as a Republican.

Points to sig quote


Oh, wow…that’s weird.

Is it that hard to check this things before printing?

Wow, just wow.

Hey, at least this’ll keep people from voting for Bush.

That’s something I’d expect to see here in FL, but in MI?

It’s a conspiracy to get Bush to win(or lose if enough people vote for David Cobb).

I just hope Ohio’s absentee ballot isn’t this fucked up.

I just have to ask this… you have a party called Taxpayers? What are those guys about?

Given Michigan’s history of voting Democrat for Prez the last three elections (and its projection to vote Kerry this election), I severely doubt that.

I know. my last quote was intended as a joke.

I know it’s exceptionally stupid, but for some reason I can’t help but feel pride in this stupidity.

You have write-ins on your ballots? Does that mean you could write the name of any honest, tax-paying American and they’d be entered in as a candidate?

I prefere Tick (Cross) boxes, like The UK have.

Big Nutter
The Presidental election Fluff up: Part2

Seeing as how I’ve never voted, the only thing I could see that was wrong was that George W. and Dick Cheney were missing a chad/ballot hole/ arrow thingy.

What else did I Miss?

…vote for not more than one?