Someone stole the Scream. Again.

Twice in a decade. I wonder if this is gonna be a trend now.

It beats me why anyone would bother 9_9 I mean, it’s not exactly going to be an easy painting to make money out of. I bet it’d be nigh-on impossible to sell off.

The saddest thing is that these museum has no insurance for those pictures because they’re so valuable. They don’t even have decent alarm systems.
When the other version of the scream was stolen, the thieves left a note: “thanks for making things so easy” :stuck_out_tongue: It was stupid of them to return the picture though. I mean yeah, the museum might not even have enough money for ransom (how pitiful), but you could at least sell it to someone else, right?

<img src=“”> You figure the museums would learn their lesson after the Mona Lisa was stolen in the 30, causing grief throughout the artworld. Can’t they at least get a camera! I mean the local museum for art near here has cameras in every room, along with guards partoling the halls! Poor Munich, he going to very pissed in the afterlife.

Two down, two to go. May the way of the Thief lead to the Hangman’s Noose.

I wonder if the owners of the remaining two are getting… alerted? T_T;


Munch must be rolling in his grave :frowning:

Pedro: NOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~!!!

I’m glad they got away with the paintings without having to shoot someone. You should be too.

… Really? Its that easy to steal from an art museum?

Anyway, on a somewhat-related note, I once heard the Louvre doesn’t really hang the real paintings, but instead copies, while the real ones are stored somewhere safe.

Maybe they should do something similar.

Now, if you will excuse me… sneaks away.

… Really? Its that easy to steal from an art museum?

They stole the pictures in broad daylight,with people watching them,one might just walk in,take a picture and walk out like nothing had happen and no one would catch you.


Well, duh, why bother with alarms and guards? It’s just art. And old art at that.

It’s OLD stuff. Not anything useful or enlightening, like an X-box or a Britney Spears CD or an Oil Reserve under some foreign nation’s sand, or something.

Now that’d be worth guarding. New Stuff. Cool stuff. Not old stuff.


Or even better, they could steal some modern art. Oh wait, they want to make money, nevermind.

The thieves may not know art, but they know what they like. And that’s ransoming art. For money. Lots of it.

you’d be surprised. thats how I got swans reflecting elephants in my living room.

Heard about this; it’s kinda funny.

It’s funny how everytime I see some news posted on other forums, it takes an extra day for it to get here. I think you people are slow or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, i posted this five minutes after I saw it in this morning’s paper, alright? jeez.

Maybe you should just post more news threads! >:O

But I don’t want to.