Someone so geeky deserves a thread.

I just want to say Happy Birthday to GG Crono. A man so geeky that even for his 22nd birthday, he got a birthday caik with a moogle on it. Although I still think the Bubble Bobble one from a few years ago was my favorite. Anyway, happy birthday, man.

Aww hell yeah. Happy Birthday GG!

Dem GGs be rawkin’

Happy Birthday, you Pink Samurai you! :slight_smile:


Happy birthday! Glad we’ve finally learnt that it’s GG and not CG as some of us kept saying for a while, eh? XD

I better get my own birthday thread too, for being like the 4th biggest jackass here

Fourth? But who’s a bigger jackass than you, you jackass?


pops head in

Happy birthday! See you in Hell!

runs off

Hey, I didn’t get one this year… maybe I should have been a little more active and more of a jackass? :smiley:

Truly, GG is a nerd among nerds.

'grats on the ding

B-Day of happying, GG Crono! Ise might not the knowin’ of youse, but Ise still givin’s youse da makin’ of congradulationin’. (AYB!!!)

Aww, you guys do care. I feel loved.

As a token of my appreciation, I now present to you…nerd caiks throughout the ages.

My grandmother may not have ever played a videogame in her life, but she can follow directions well enough, especially when they’re highly pixelated.

Birthday. Hope it’s happy.

Stay alive until the next one.

Danks fo’ da cake, GG!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! has taken six caffiene pills

Edit:Forgots to mention. Da KFGC sends it’s good wishes and congradulations, GG. So, in da words of my fellow KFGs, “Joo huff INURGI!!!”

Those are some awesome cakes! You have great parents.

The concept of the metroid cake is ingenious.

I love the your cake is in another castle cake.

Whoa! That’s a metroid? I thought it was a oneup mushroom at first.