Someone please tell me...

What the fuck is an R3 button? I keep seing instructions in PS2 games (like Kingdom Hearts 2, for example) that say “use the R3 button to etc.”. I looked on my controllers. I don’t see a damn R3.

THis has never hindered me at all, I jsut really wanna know. Am I missing something?

Right control stick. Press down on it. L3 is the left stick.

This confused me for quite some time as well.

What 984 said; When it calls for L3/R3, press down on the appropriate stick.

Does anyone ever use the 3 buttons?

I do in GTA:SA. That’s about it though.

I did in Chrono Cross. You could play one-handed that way. L3 was either talk or cancel, I can’t remember which.

Also, a lot of Xbox games use the (unnamed) L3 and R3 buttons. Mostly FPSes.

DQ8 also had the 1-handed style going, which was why some remarks about Jessica’s outfits made me chuckle.

I’ve used them in quite a few games. DQ8 and GTA being the most common ones.

You could play Arc the Lad Collection one handed like that as well. Also, the Armored Core games use R3 and L3 for using extensions and overboosts.

Almost every game I own uses that button.

Many Enix RPGs of the 16-bit era (DQ and 7th Saga come to mind immediately) used one-handed controls, as did Earthbound. I just happened to mention Chrono Cross as it used the L3 button in its one-handed scheme.

Ape Escape

I don’t recall Ape Escape using R3/L3. It used the dual analog controller, yeah, but I never used them as buttons.
Dynasty Warriors 4 uses R3 to “announce presence”. I only use it to knock people off horses and when I feel like wasting time while my bodyguards slaughter the enemies.

Used it for Cold Fear. It’s pretty much how you aim outside of FPV, and also to crouch.