Someone owns the Sun???

Hi Guys,

Just as I was checking the news articles today, I happened to stumble upon a rather crazy topic! That’s right the title practically says it all! A lady from Spain happened to claim ownership over the Sun!!! Is it me or does that sound completely absurd! However legally speaking (in terms of what the article says) she (or any other individual) has the right to do so! In my opinion that just a small glitch in the legal documents that this lady has obviously used to her advantage… and then whats this about charging people to use the sun! We have to pay to stand outside now… there’s three letters that best describes this whole situation and I’m pretty sure you know what they are! xD

Link: Spanish Woman Claims Ownership of the Sun

So whats your opinion on this “out of this world” matter?

It’s up there (badapish) with the woman who claims that she’s married to the Berlin wall.

Looks like she’s trying to get in on the ground floor for the eventual TV reality series The Real World: The Sun.

The Sun? Who would want to own that rag?

Reminds me of an old Superman comic where The Puzzler (never heard of him? Don’t worry, he’s one of Supes’ forgotten enemies) copyrighted the alphabet, and he couldn’t be prevented because, well, nobody had ever thought to make a law against it! Now prople had to pay him for ANYTHING they printed!!

I wonder what she plans on doing when nobody pays her.

Does this mean my albino friend can sue her when she gets sunsick?

Does this mean she has to pay fines for owning an improperly maintained radiation source? Can skin cancer sufferers sue her?

I’m only in this thread cuz i’m waiting for Zep to post a picture of some sort.

So the design of the vagina is a registered trademark by me. I now own all vaginas.

And on another note, the design of stars themselves have been copyrighted by me since the 1980s. All stars have stolen my ideas! I’ll sue these bastards for trying to take my ideas.