Someone help me out with this

Okay, a few years back (I’d say at least 5) there was a series on NBC (I think) that I’m trying to find. The general story was that a girl and her father who lived in New York got transported to what seemed like a fairy tale world (through a huge rock in a park I think) years after all the old fairy tales happened. I can’t really remember much about it, but I do remember a part where the girl got cursed or something and her hair kept growing and couldn’t be cut off without finding some magic scissors or a potion or some other magical thing, which lead to a Rapunzel type scene with her in a tower. I just remember that part because she slept in the snow white cabin and when she woke up the entire place was filled with her hair. If anyone knows what the hell I’m talking about, please share, I want to buy this for my mom’s birthday next month, but I can’t even remember what the crap it’s called.

Is this the series where people yell “Suck an elf!”? I think it might be called Ever After

Nah, that was a movie with Drew Barrymore. This was a TV series.

Okay, I just found it, which it strange as I’ve been looking for months and when I just typed some random junk in google some how related to this it magically appeared.

Anyway, it’s called The 10th Kingdom if anyone else is curious. That’s damn weird though, I looked for a long freaking time on and off and never found anything, and when I ask I find it within 20 minutes. It’s ridiculous. Awesome, but ridiculous.

I’ve read the book. God that story is damn good.

The 10th Kingdom was an awesome TV series.

Towards the end, the main character (John Laraquet (spelling…)), his daughter, and his daughter’s interest, let’s say, are trying to sneak in to a castle. They come to a split in the path with two closed doors leading onwards, and a talking toad tells them:
“One door is correct, and one door leads to a horrible death.”

Laraquet’s character loses it at this time, picks up the toad, and says:

“WHAT? What…is…the point…of having a door that leads to a horrible death”?
he walks towards one of the doors
he opens a door and throws the toad in, then turns his back to the door to face the charactaer

He’s about to say something, and there’s a burst of fire and light from behind him where he threw the toad.

…thus, they go through the correct door in the end.

I think I saw that series. Laroquette has always been a favorite of mine, ever since the NIGHT COURT TV series (Which remains, in my opinion, the best sitcom in TV history. Clever and heartfelt.)

For those of you who enjoy the clashing of Fairy Tale and Real World sensibilities, there’s a comic book called FABLES that’s coming out these days. It’s about what happens when all the fairy tale characters are forced to leave their world and live (in disguise) in New York. The stars are Snow White (not that one, the one who is Rose Red’s sister) and the Big Bad Wolf (in human form) as detectives who investigate crimes involving the fairies. (Warning, this ain’t no SHREK; it’s an adult series filled with murder and similar themes. Think CSI with magical characters.)

Oh, and Trian: You have the BEST sig quote in the Boards right now. Congrats. :cool:

I love the toad thing.

There’s a movie titled “The 10th Kingdom” that sounds really similar to this TV show, maybe it’s a precursor or something? I know my local video store has it in the cult classics section, and it’s a damned funny movie - you should probably check it out if you haven’t already.

FABLES was kind of terrible at the beginning. Thank God it got better.

I looked it up, and the movie is actually just a compilation of the whole series, which would explain why it was so goddamn long. It’s definately worth watching though.