Somebody's watching me... <_< >_>

This is the title of a song I recently discovered, by this guy who goes by Rockwell.
It’s an 80’s 1-hit wonder, so you KNOW it’s good. :hahaha;
I discovered it from an article at That article is here.
According to the article, the music video is the scarriest music video since Thriller. Take a look.
And the song is really good, as far as 80’s 1-hit wonders go. :hahaha;
If you have Kazaa or sommething similar and get the MP3.
And the video too, for that matter.

…You havent heard of that song before? that makes my sad.

<—Has VH1 Classic =)

Yeah, there actually was another song by Rockwell that was titled ‘Obscene Phonecall’ but that one…well, sucked. So it probably is a good thing that it stayed out of the glimmering limelight of cult classic 80’s music videos.