Some sort of...Invaders!

Possibly from…space.

Dude thats so awesome. XD

Aww, I was hoping for another Uwe Boll production.

I showed TD this a while ago. Didn’t link to it given the fact it’s on a page with a shitload of NSFW ads.

Awww, the humans won.

That certainly is different.

But is wrong to be thinking of where in my uni, me and my mates could try that?

Damn, for some reason it won’t load.

Still seems awesome. :open_mouth:

Darn you humans always meddling in our plans to destroy earth or at least humans curse you, aliens will one day reign over all galaxies!!!

I doubt an alien species would refer to itself as “aliens”.

They would if they came from the planet Alia

Shouldn’t they call themselves Alians or Ailalings? @_@

Alie then.

It’d sound the same.

Why wou;ld ANY group of people add “lings” to describe them? the ligns indicates a weakness. So humans definitely cshouldn;t call ourselves earthlings, for one thing. I’d rather we call ourselves Terrans.

What about stronglings?

What exactly makes it sound weak?

Dammit now you’ve got me wanting to play Starcraft >.<

Thats pretty awesome. I shudder to think how much time it took them to produce this thing.