Some site suggestions.

Well, I hope people come around…

I imagine the subsite is around because of the fans. So, its technically your guys’s site. What do you think we should add to it to improve on it? Chat rooms? Polls? Anything else? I figure those two are the most obvious, but they probly shouldn’t be added unless there is a demand or desire for them.

So what do you all think?

Lesbian Robot ninjas. And a smoothie machine.

I was thinking something more pertinent to the site :stuck_out_tongue:

A chat room would be a good idea, but the thing is it would need to be extremely stable. I find even the slightest unstableness in a chat room can KILL it.

Polls would also be nice. But make them more than just “What is your favorite polls.” Maybe make some of them funny and silly stuff.

We should also decide how to do categories. Either say Art/SaGa Frontier or SaGa Frontier/Art. Or maybe both ways. I’m not sure yet.

Maybe we could do a fun interactive thing, as to what I’d have to think about that. And thinking hurts.


Well, for polls, I’ll probly do like the normal RPGClassics polls and take e-mail suggestions for polls.

And what do you mean by categories? :open_mouth:

Well you have 9 SaGa games. So categories could go like this. Person clicks on art then clicks SaGa Frontier. Or person clicks SaGa Frontier then clicks art. Both ways to get to the SaGa Frontier art section. That’s what I mean.


Originally posted by Skankin’ Garbage
What do you think we should add to it to improve on it? Chat rooms? Polls?

Content. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damnit CH, I’ve had quite enough of your foolish meddling!

…Saint Ajora, do you have the old community stuff? :stuck_out_tongue: I know your stance on the whole deal, but actually, I looked at an old mail that Sakana has, and she actually was the person who told me to contact you about it originally, heh. But more importantly, if you think about it in terms of community leaders, she did permit me to put all of the original community’s content up on the new site, almost a year ago, even. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just that, well, damn, we need something up here :stuck_out_tongue:

And also, about categories, that’s all taken care of. In each section, there will be a table for each game. No big deal at all.

I’m going to upload what I have real quick. Then I’ll give you a link. Once you download everything. Just reply to this message. Because once you say you have it, I’m going to delete it it from the site. I think I don’t have anything though. Hopefully it will all fit on the site.

Edit:All right the link is removed and so will be the files soon. I’m doing something right now. So just say I deleted them. Or whatever.


I got it. Go ahead and delete it whenever. :smiley:

Download this also. I found the rest of the stuff on my drive

I will of course delete it from the site once you download it. In any case it may be good to put a disclaimer at the site.

Something along the lines “These are things post by members of the SaGa Maniac Community long ago that have been put back up. If you believe your work has been stolen, I’ll remove it at your request” or something close to that.