Some really cool scientific anomalies!

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Seriously good article, Wy do I think humanity knows so little about anything now?

I think the site presents a few interesting mysteries, but the point is there are explanations for some of them or there will be some unknown time in the future. I’m not particularly fond of his case for numbers 1 and 4. 1 could be a case where people don’t understand how the molecules they’re playing with work, so we can’t make a case for perception. It also doesn’t provide information on the repeatability of the experiment. Number 4 could simply be a chemical reaction. Its possible something reacted with the ethanol. Biochemists have done serial dilutions with viruses for example to attain extremely extremely small virus concentrations to identify the amount of virus (or whatever molecule they might want to look at) that can induce an infection or reaction or whatever it was the biochemists were doing.

Makes an interesting read. Not much else though.