Some people just don't get it

Now, a while ago when I posted a thread saying “don’t you people persecute Manus, and don’t you Manus do this and this,” I was hoping that would cool things off. But it didn’t, as evidenced by a recent closed thread in the RP Forum. As a result, the following reprimands are to be handed out, as decided by the mods and admins recently…

Sun Demon

you four are warned for flaming, persecuting other users, and vigilanteism. If you keep up this behavior towards Manus, you will be temporarily banned. Case closed.

Manus Dei

you are warned for breaking the “godmoding” rule on the RP Forum. If you do not slow down that gameplaying style, you will be temporarily banned from that forum. Case closed.


due to your extremely excessive flaming, persecuting users, and vigilanteism; towards more visitors than just Manus, we are skipping the warning phase and going directly to ban. You are banned for three days starting now and ending Monday night the 30th. If you keep up this behavior towards Manus or anyone, you will be temporarily banned for a time equal to or greater than 3 days, depending on the degree. Case closed.

As stated, if any of those mentioned keep up their behavior stronger medicine will be acquired. And if others follow their example, they will be warned or possibly banned too. All parties warned or banned will receive a PM warning with this text. Have a nice day.

Uh, Merlin, playfully saying that Manus is a lazy git (something I’d have said to anyone asking that question in the sprite forum) is not persecuting him, right?

'cause if it is, you might want to add my name up there.

I’d suggest putting me up there, too. I’ve said some things to him I’m not proud of.

Val, Iga, I’ve been through much, but I’m not really the type to hold a grudge. Let’s forget our past differences, OK?

Iga, I don’t really know you, but I’m sure you meant no harm.

Val, I understand that I have made you lose your patience several times, but I’m learning from my mistakes. I know how people can go overboard when they’re upset. I had the same problem until recently.

this is an announcement, not a discussion.

Originally posted by Merlin
As stated, if any of those mentioned keep up their behavior stronger medicine will be acquired.
Don’t you mean “required”?

it might work better with that word, but mine works too in a weird way.

Anyway, this is pretty much decided, and with the exception of X everyone finds their reprimand to be totally justified and some even cited its leniency, so hopefully that did the trick for at least that group of people.