Some People Amaze me...

The game is good, but Jesus Christ, that is rediculous… And people made fun of FF7 fanboys…


Some one Can’t 6 days… I have to I don’t have an X-Box.

Big Nutter
I leik Cortana. (I’ve played it, something borrowed (X-Box))

$265… not too ridiculous, but still, some people have more money than patience OR sense. :-/

Jesus… just wait until the damn thing is out. I wouldn’t pay a fifth of that even if Chrono Break, Xenosaga Episode 6 and all the rest of imaginary games came out today.

By the way people: It’s Halo! I don’t care how much they improved it, it’s still a Microsoft game.

A must have!

I think what you mean to say is, its a Bungee game… And I’ve played it, the game is good, but not worthy of the hype. Basically it works like this:

They upped the graphics, made the story mode ALOT more interesting than the last one, and slowed alot of the gameplay down…

The “changes” for weapons and things was stupid, they took away alot of cool stuff from the first one and replaced it with bad to mediocre things like the Magnum. We no longer have the trusty pistol, but instead a wholley inacurate more powerful shorter ranged gun…

I’d go into detail but i know you guys dont care about Halo.

So in short, the game IS good, and it will most likely get game of the year, and will be the best selling game this year and yadda yadda yadda… But only because of the crazy hype… Not because of quality.

I’m more into Half-Life 2 personally, but I actually am interested in Halo2. I liked the first one (but not in the OMG HALO R TEH ROXORZ!!!11! XBOX RULZ!!! way). If its good enough, it may finally get me to buy an Xbox (im sold the instant someone makes a halo2 and fable bundle package)

i LOVE halo! not to the extent of ebay people but im really looking forward to release. granted i dont expect any game to live up to its hype. but still…its halo

I also love Halo. Not enough to pay a couple hundred dollars to get the sequel a couple of days early, but I still love it. The game looks comptletely worth the hype.

From my point of view, they took into account many perceived problems with the first game in the sequel. The pistol, for example, was too powerful in the original game. It killed too quickly at too great a distance, so that a lot of other weapons were rendered obsolete in some game types. Vehicles were too powerful as well, being indestructable. Now you can shoot them to pieces. Just a couple of examples.

I eagerly await the game’s arrival on Tuesday.

…whatever. >.>

oi…How much is the game if you buy it when it releases?
I vaguely remember people paying huge sums to get a ps2 when it was first released.

$50 regular and $5 or $10 more for the special release version. Paying five times that to get it a few days earlier is insane.

I really really don’t get what others see in Halo that’s so awesome. : \ Perfect Dark, UT2k4, a lot of the James Bond games, are all just as good, if not WAY, FUCKING, BETTER. To be honest, it just seems like it’s one of the few mediocre games on XBOX, so it is hyped to all hell.

Perfect Dark would be the perfect FPS if it were updated for the PC. The N64 game is truly excellent, but it’s really hard to enjoy it all that much when the game gets all choppy during the combat simulator…

I’d be the first person to say I dont like all the halo hype, but to say:

Id have to say you either have an unintelligent way of analyzing game quality, or have a very very strange opinion about what is considered “good”.

The game is hyped all to hell, there is no denying that, but it IS a good game, its a fucking great game. Halo is just like FF7 in that respect, it will have the EXACT same discussions (if not already) that we all have about FF7 fanboy and hype on this board.

its a great game for lan partys is all i can say. and the storyline is better than most fps storylines. gameplay is more than enjoyable. but im scared by people (my friend) who lives off of that game to this day.

edit- i found this
its the cartoon from 11-05-04 if it updated. and thats the halo armor if you couldnt tell

halo was alright but what can I say: once a flak monkey, always a flak monkey (though I do miss my precious sniper rifle…)