Some of the Guitar Hero 3 songs announced

Activision didn’t even tell us they were going to announce anything. :too bad:

Anyway, I’m the one that got the Weezer track in there. :victoly:

Awesome list, really. Especially Cherub Rock.

And how are you the one who got the Weezer track? And if so, how come you didn’t get Hash Pipe in there instead? I love My Name is Jonas, but Hash Pipe just seems like it’d be funner to play.

Wow holy shit.
90s rock mixed in with the regular ol’ homage to the greats.

Cult of fucking personality and sabotage.
I love you.

After milestones we have a ‘playday’ and have to take a survey regarding both of the games we’re working on. On two of the earlier GH3 surveys they asked us for song suggestions, so of course I obliged. Afterwards I checked the survey results, and I was the only one who suggested the songs on my list that got in the game. And maybe Hash Pipe would have been fun, but I’ve played My Name is Jonas already and it’s pretty damn sweet. When I was listening through my music finding songs that had good guitar parts I thought that it would have been more unique or something, either way it’s fun.

Well, I definitely think the uniqueness of My Name is Jonas will bring something special to GH3, and there’s no doubt that it’ll be fun to play, but Hash Pipe is just so much more rockin’! But then again, I’m sure there’ll be other songs that will play similar to Hash Pipe (actually, even Sabotage would), so the point is conceded. Good job on getting us My Name is Jonas!

Sweet Jesus God, what an awful list. The first two were amazing (and the 80’s one is shaping up nicely), but there’s a ton of garbage there so far.

Except for Alice Cooper and Tenacious D.

Ugh, I can’t stand Alice Cooper. Besides Rock and Roll All Nite, School’s Out is probably my least favorite song on the list.

I’d like some more classic rock/metal on there. Upon further inspection, it’s not so bad. I guess it was the Wheezer track that got me miffed. I want some motherfucking Maiden on there. And where the hell is the AC/DC or metallica? Well, it’s not a complete list, and they’re owned by MTV now, so they should be able to make it happen.

Uh, no, it’s not owned my MTV, Guitar Hero is owned by Activision. MTV bought Harmonix but the Guitar Hero license stayed with Red Octane. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the song list, there’s still a ton of tracks in the career mode you don’t know about. This is only like 10% of the track list, it makes sense that if they only announce a few songs they’re going to show a varied list of genres without giving away the songs that will make people shit themselves when they find out we got the master track. Honestly when the song list first started being populated I was aggravated that there was too much classic rock and metal. Trust me, you’ll get your fucking hard rock and metal.

Can you manipulate Jack Black’s facial muscles in a bonus stage? puppy eyes

Seesh, who pissed in your corn flakes?

Maybe all the people who keep whining that we need to just throw more classic rock and metal at GH to make it better, and that the more alternative tracks don’t belong in the game. Frankly, I don’t even find most metal songs fun to play because they’re so ridiculously fast and just a mess of notes coming at you. But it’s cool, it’s alright for you to call everything on that list garbage but I guess it’s taboo for me to get aggravated.

Not a bad list. I look forward to seeing what others will be on it.

I guess I’m the only one excited about Slow Ride… MAN that song rocks.


vicki likes good music unlike mister dragonforce up there

While I pretty much agree with Epic’s sentiments, I still think it WOULD be funny to have a Dragonforce song in there, just for the sheer absurdity of playing it.

Wasn’t there a Dragonforce song in the one of the other ones already? And fuck, Dragonforce are boring. They have great leadwork but the actual riffs and song structures are not noteworthy in comparison to other metal bands out there. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m not playing this damn game till there’s some Carcass in there, or how about some Athiest… fuck yeah.

Ah yeah, the beautiful song structures of Reek of Putrefaction :stuck_out_tongue: Atheist et al are great but they are a niche within a niche. Imagine a Calypso band of that calibre in Guitar Hero -select few would like it and the rest would go “what?”.

edit:Dragonforce will hopefully be forgotten in the near future.

Who me? I can’t stand Dragonforce, and the idea of playing any of their songs on GH makes my skin crawl.

I was thinking more Necroticism, but grindcore would go good in there too. Maybe some of Napalm Death’s tracks off of Scum for some extremely complex and long-winded songs!!!

And Calypso would be hella awesome.