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E3 2005: Final Fantasy VII Demo
Sony once again shows the power of the system with a FF demo … but where will this project lead?
by Ivan Sulic

May 16, 2005 - At the Sony E3 2005 press conference Square-Enix just showed a Final Fantasy VII trailer running on PS3.

The demo depicted the introduction sequence to the original Final Fantasy VII, but was titled “Technical Demo for PS3.” This means that it may or may not turn into an actual game. The PS3 can finally deliver Final Fantasy the way it was meant to be delivered – just like the CG cutscenes.
The demonstration was a complete recreation of the beginning to Final Fantasy VII using some “awesome, awesome” graphics. It’s an exact duplicate of the original game. It could even be a full recreation.

UPDATE: There will not be a Final Fantasy VII remake for PS3. Repeat, there will not be a remake. But, there will be a new Final Fantasy game. We’ll have info on that as it happens.

No remake? Are you disapointed?

No. FF7 doesn’t need a remake. FF6 is the only one I’d be happy to hear about.

Thank the Lord, I liked FFVII a bit but not so much as to see three spinoffs, a movie and a remake. Now FFVI on 3D would be pretty cool.

FFVI on PS3 would be nice.
As for FFVII, here is what you are missing:

Oh yah, i missed this part:

But, there will be a new Final Fantasy game.
We had a thread a while back about “the Death of Final Fantasy”, well it ain’t gonna happen soon.
At least not before FFXIII comes out. Lucky 13 :wink:

I agree with you people about the FF6 remake. Maybe even a different storyline with the same characters.

Cid, is there not a thread or something on the FF Compendium that has information on a 3D FF6 that was a demo a few years ago?

Yes, there was a demo, originally intended for the N64. It had a 3D Locke, Terra, Shadow, and a Magitek Armor. It was under a minute and completely disappeared after the particular trade show it was presented at.

I thought so.

Wonder if they ever had plans to revive it? From what I saw, it looked pretty neat.

No plans at all, I’m afraid.

I thought it was a Defender X. (It looks like that Baddie in FFX, Zanarkand Dome)

anyways: E3 news hit’s Uk News.

Speaking of the FF6 N64 demo, has anyone heard anything about a rom-dump of the cart being made? Or possibly even someone snagging a copy of the cart off eBay?

Now SE is going multi-platform. I smell $$$ :wink:

Speaking equivocally about Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, Wada praised the high specifications of the new systems and particularly the company’s interest in each system’s network “content platform” (think Xbox Live.) His words, which seemed designed to result in the massed journalists being unable to pin down specifics, promised content across multiple platforms.

The following excerpt concerns FF:

This was followed up by a lengthy new video of Final Fanatasy XII, a game which hasn’t publically shown its face since last E3, amid increasing rumors of the project going awry in Japan. While the trailer was absolutely fascinating and gorgeous, concentrating on the political intrigue and characters of the world of Ivalice (also seen in Final Fantasy Tactics and its GBA sequel) there was literally no gameplay footage shown. Worse, the game won’t be playable on the show floor, and may not even be playable in Japan anytime soon (though it’s still scheduled to come out there in 2005 – here in 2006. ) What we’ve seen has been beautiful, but the pull-back on new info is troubling. Last year’s playable E3 demo was over an hour long; now, nothing.

Next up, marketing man Shinji Hashimoto stepped out to explain about the so-called Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and the titles which comprise it. Of course, the most famous is Advent Children, the DVD and UMD movie which will release in Japan in September and in the U.S. “shortly after” from Sony Pictures Entertainment. The lengthy trailer showed at the press conference was absolutely breathtaking (you should stop reading and go download it, in fact.) Beyond that, Before Crisis, the cell phone game which tells the story of the Turks prior to the beginning of the PS1 classic, has already been released in Japan but will show up in the U.S. in 2006. Crisis Core, the previously announced action RPG for PSP was finally more fully explained. While no gameplay footage was shown, Hashimoto introduced an anime-style concept movie which showed two new, unnamed characters (as well as Cloud and Sephiroth) and promised “previously unseen gameplay.” This was followed up with a lengthy trailer for Dirge of Cerberus, the PS2 action game starring FFVII’s secret character Vincent Valentine. With a blend of gun action and RPG trappings – as well as Square’s signature gorgeous visuals and CG video – this game appears to be shaping up nicely.
There is much, much more. Check it out.

No, no, and no. 8-\ Least I haven’t. It’s disappeared off the face of the earth.

I think Squenix is rapidly becoming a media/economic powerhouse. Branching out to the other platforms is great, but it might detract them from their main selling point, the Final Fantasy franchise.

Square Enix is coming out of an extreme slump, caused by the horrible sales of FF: TSW. There was talk of bankruptcy at one point, I believe. They’re branching out because they have to remain competitive in an increasingly competitive world.

Well, shit, FFXII might be a PS3 release the way they keep pushing the release date.

Bankruptcy talks were eliminated when they got a hot Enix injection.

Also, someone seems to have leaked information about a Revolution version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Not exactly main series FF information, but FF info nonetheless.

(and I don’t think the N64 demo ever made it to cartridge format, I think it was just made using an N64 dev kit… >_>)


FFXII is confirmed as a PS2 release. FFXIII will be the first PS3 title. Keep in mind that PS3 isn’t due out until late 2006, and FFXII is due out (in North America) in early 2006. The same thing happened with the last PSX FF game (FFIX came out in 2000, right around the same time as the PS2’s US launch of 10.25.2000. FFIX was the first game I played on my PS2).

I’d doubt that FF12 will be PS3, but one of the last PS2 games.

The 1st Harry Potter computer game “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” in 2002, was PS1 and Not PS2 until at least a year after. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for PS2 was out before the PS2 one as well. The GBC and GBA were out together though. The PS2 was out here in the UK by then.

Even FF athology was PS1 and my game store had PS2 and not PS1.

PLus at this late stage, I’d think changing the Os will go more damage than good.

I knew that.(the confirmation) Minus the part that FFIX was released at about the same time as the PS2. Probably because at that time, the PS2 was what I was looking forward to. My last statement was a swipe at how Squeenix already pushed the release date to what it is now, considering that when it was first announced…well, we’re past the original release date. Squeenix is certainly not the only company to push release dates dramatically. But I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if FFXII gets pushed to Q2 or Q3 2006. I mean FFXII was announced in what, 2003, maybe early last year.

Speaking of release dates, Will Fire Emblem for GCN get pushed even further as well? It’s scheduled for Nov. 2005, originally slated for August.
But none of them were as bad as Duke Nukem Forever. Which will never, ever see the light of day.

I can understand some delays, though, as technology gives us more advanced consoles, games become more difficult to develop and take longer.

Oh yeah, about that… those few of you who are exclusive Final Fantasy fans may not know this, but Enix is notorious for delaying games. Just having the “Enix” at the end of their name could hurt their ability to release a game on time. Star Ocean 3 was delayed for at least 2 years, Dragon Quest/Warrior VII was delayed for somewhere around 5, and was released on PS1 well after the launch of PS2 (just by a few months in Japan, well over a year after in the US). If you’re not already used to massive delays (read: you’ve never looked forward to a Working Designs title), go ahead and get used to them.

Speaking of long delays for FF products, Yoshinori Kitase found a way to announce the potential release dates that will not disappoint eager FF fans.
From Gamespot, talking about Dirge of Cerberus:

When asked about a possible release window, the answer was “as soon as possible.”

Did you know that Vincent’s gun had a name? I always thought that the game was named after some three-headed monster.

The game’s title, Dirge of Cerberus, comes from the name of Vincent’s weapon. His gun was apparently one of the very first items of the game that was designed, and the unique three-barreled weapon is called Cerberus.

Another excellent interview with IGN/GameSpy:

This reminded me of an April’s Fool joke about fifth FFVII spin-off (EC) from another thread

Are there further Compilation titles that haven’t been announced yet that we can look forward to hearing about later?
Kitase: [Laughs.] I cannot talk about it.

On a side note, it looks like Caith Sith will be “co-starring“ in at least three FFVII spin-offs (AC, BC and DC).