Some music I've been toying with

Recently I began to become interested in attending college for the field of Music Theory/Composition. Determined to not screw it up, I asked our resident music-man, SG, to give me his input about my idea. Since he’s going to college for something similar, he told me to just familiarize myself with it to make sure it really is what i want to do. I quite like my first two little… things.
Personally, I love classically composed things, as well as game-like sounds. What I did with the first one was just a cute little melody that could also be kind of sad. The second one (note: i’m a guitarist) is quite a bit different. I tried to integrate a traditionally rock sound (guitar and drums) with the orchestral sound of string ensemble, timpani, and a choir.
Also, I don’t have any names for the songs. I’ve always been horrible at that.
Any suggestions are quite welcome.
Enjoy, and please tell me what you think.
<a href=“”>First song</a>
<a href=“”>Second song</a>

These sound pretty good. They’re a little plain if you ask me, but they are composed well. The first one seems like it would be in an emotional part of a video game, so a name might be something like “Treasured Moments” or something like that. The second one sounds cooler. Maybe something like “Tales of Mist”. Have you composed any others?

The first one reminds me a lot of something I heard in an FF…maybe FF6 or 7. Also, it makes me want to play FF7 again. :open_mouth:

The second one was kind of mundane.

When did you listen to it, cause I just changed it a bit and made the percussion a bit better. I’m pretty bad with percussion, as you can quite tell.
These are basically my first ever compositions as well :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah, I just changed the second one again, so check it out if you want.

I’m thinking the first one sounds like some epiphany/sad memory/gaining the courage to start fighting again scene music. Actually very reminiscient of some Crono Trigger stuff. And I like it.

Dig the second one – which is a villain theme if I ever hear one – muchly as well.

I think I’m going to use the name TrkJac suggested for the first one, if he doesn’t mind.

I’m about to begin work on another one. After hearing some new songs from a favored band of mine, I’ve gotten some ideas for an orchestral harp, and also some percussion (the idea I got from the band is the flow of the song… not the instruments :P)

Glad I could help.

The second one is MUCH better now. You said you were bad with percussion, but by keeping it simple, it sounds much better. The synths, or what ever it is, are cool too.