Some GMAIL invites.

Anyone want an invite? I have 6 left, and no one to give to.

What IS gmail? Google mail? What is so good about google mail? x.x; If it’s really that awesome, I’ll take one if you feel like giving it to me.

Sure why not, how do you give 'em? :stuck_out_tongue:


Check your PMs Eden.

And ramza, it gives you a gig of space for free, spam filters, and its incredibly fast.

Oh, awesome. I’ll take one if you’ve still got any.

I want one.

I never really use my Gmail account. Too many people know of my hotmail and rpgc one for me to switch over now. :\

PM sent. I have 2 left.

GMail’s awesome in every respect except in that they can data mine your stuff. So don’t order your illegal firearms, drugs, and nuclear weapons by GMail!

Isn’t that some kind of invasion of privacy?


By the by, Cless. You got me into GMail just so you could forward the conversation you and Reonis were having about our shrine to me, and never did. Forward it to me, damneth ++

I dunno if I have any, but I haven’t given any out, so I probably have a couple. How do I check?

I’ll take one.

I also have about 3 left. Grab em while they are fresh.

It should say in big red letters to the left of your inbox “Invite [x] friends to join you at Gmail!!” If it doesn’t, you dont have any.

I cleared out my PMs, sorry, forgot it was full.

Sin: PM sent

PM me with an e-mail and name and I’ll send one out.

I’ll take one if any are left.

Devillion’s setting me up the bomb. Thanks Cala, Dev!

I could use one if there are any left.

I’ll take one i’ve been trying to get one for 6 months.