Some Game Recommendations

Not to break the flow of posts on the board, I would like to ask a few questions of my fellow gamers.

First, I’m looking for a nice PC FPS. I’m looking for something a few years old (I have an old pc with ME), and I’ve always been interested in Half Life (I always wanted the original for $10 at Wal-Mart). I checked at Steam, and I can get HL, Blue Shift, Opposing Force and Team Fortress Classic for $14. Can anyone vouch for these games (however similar they might be), or recommend any others?

Second, I’m in the search for an old first person RPG (pretty much any platform before PS). Any suggestions? I’m going to get Etrian Odyssey, so I’d like to whet my appetite until then.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Good old RPGs not on the playstation . . . hmm :thinking: . Well . . .
Chrono Trigger-Super Nintendo
Skies of Arcadia-Dreamcast.

The problem with those games are that you have probably played the remakes.

Well old good RPGs that have not been remade are . . .
Secret of Mana (Super Nintendo)-I heard a lot of good stuff about this game. I haven’t actually gotten it, and I am worried that it may be overrated, but it looks good.
Secret of Evermore (Super Nintendo)-heard good stuff about this game too.
Shining Force 2-(Sega Genesis)
Super Mario RPG (Super Nintendo)-It has a good battle system that is simple but fun.

Could you mention what old RPGs you have played and what old video game systems you have? It would make answering your question easier.

Also, what did you mean by “first person RPG”. Was that a typo?

Illusion of Gaia, for SNES. For yers, this game won for “most disturbing on-screen death” in ym book. But that aside, it was a wonderful game.


Okay, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master are classic old (AD&D driven) rpgs and I think EoB2 and DM came out on the SNES. Of course you can play them on pc, there is a D&D gold box with them. There was Might & Magic (III?) for SNES but you should get M&M6 or 7 for your pc, they are far better.
On the pc, staying away from all the Oblivion type games you can’t run you could try Arx Fatalis. Oops. Almost forgot System Shock 2 etc. (Deus Ex)=awesome.

edit: Or try the krondor games, Ultima Underworld or the Bard’s Tale [hard, old graphics]. Honorary mention of the Wizardries, even if I’m not a fan.

I like precious few FPSs and I recommend Half Life easily. Even despite the “where/how do I go there dammit” element. IIRC Blue shift was kind of a rehash, get Special ops if you really want an add on.

Get System Shock 2 and Deus Ex, both PC games. They’ll fill both your FPS and first-person RPG appetite, and are fucking awesome.

First person RPG? Well, it’s not console, but the Might and Magic series (especially VII) is my personal favorite in that category. Otherwise, I really can’t help you.

Thanks for the recommendations, people. I’ll look into those games right now.

Deus Ex: How good is this game? Is it really what it looks like? A FPS with RPG elements? That sounds really great. If it is, I think this’ll be what I get, it looks awesome.

FP RPG: No it wasn’t a typo :slight_smile: I remember playing a while back Eye of the Beholder (I think) if that’s the one with the TRPG battles, then yeah (I think there was a few other, especially NES ones like that too, though). One last inquiry: the newer M&M games (not the candy) are action based (Elder Scrolls) or turn based?

Deus Ex is FANTASTIC. It’s indeed an FPS with RPG elements, with a pretty cool plot. There’s actual variety as to how you do stuff too, I once broke the game by beating an unbeatable fight without cheating >_>

System Shock 2 is a lot like Deus Ex, only with a worse plot and more RPG stuff. The main villain is awesome though, and it’s creepy as hell.

Ninja, in M&Ms after VI you can choose between turn based and real time. Usually RT for the weakling hordes and TB when there’s too much to handle.

And in GAP’s fave you also get a castle to boss people around.

Alright, thanks guys. I just picked up Deus Ex and that HL bundle. I’m thinking either M&M or Eye of the Beholder series for FP roleplaying. Thanks again for the help.

Sorry to double post, but I just wanted to thank your for recommending Deus Ex. It’s awesome (what I’ve played so far, anyway), and I’m really glad I got it. Thanks again, RPG_Dragon, you’re a real pal.

For older shooters UT2004 still has an active community and is still one of the best PC shooters out there.

I play on the weekends (usually) here, there’s still hundreds of good servers though if you need something closer to where you live (or if RPG Invasion isn’t your thing)

Man you wasted your money on that HL bundle. With extensive experience in that field, I would have to say there’s better things out there these days, mainly HL2, TF2 and CS:S. But, if you haven’t played them then Blue Shift and Opposing Force are pretty cool, but TFC is just about dead. There’s no good public servers up for people who have never played before. If you went to one of the experienced servers you’d probably just get banned :\

Next, I enjoyed System Shock 2 more than Deus Ex. I found Deus Ex to be… lame. The crappy spy thing just didn’t hit it off for me.

I thought Unreal Tournament to be quite awesome and then I was so bummed by UT 2003 I never checked out UT 2004.

Well, I didn’t actually get it. Turns out I can’t have Steam on my awesome ME machine. So, I installed it on my laptop (XP) only to find out that Steam won’t let me pay because we have an American card coming from a foreign IP address. So, I gave Steam up, and just went down to my local game store and picked it up (slightly more expensive, but hey). So I only got Deus Ex. I might look into System Shock 2 also, it looks great too.

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If you finish Deus Ex soon, get Might and Magic VI. Everyone recommends it for a reason. It has the best (and maybe biggest) 3D dungeons I’ve encountered, and brilliantly nuanced class and leveling systems. But what really make the game are the thousand tricks and secrets and Easter eggs, which completely stave off the mindless-leveling feeling.