Some exercises?

I dunno how many of you people work out, but all I do are push-ups ans sit-ups, Any suggestions to lose weight, get stronger, and increase my speed? I plan on doing this over the summer after I complete my current shrines. Which I will hopefully have completed by the end of the second week of June.

Jog. But the most important thing is not what you do, it’s consistency.

Heh, yeah I understand that much :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the joggin suggestion as well. But I’m also wanting to increase my reflexes if at all possible.

Karate. We had the most interesting things to do sometimes (on top of the usual push ups, sit ups, jogging and squats). Definetly, find a good dojo (you might have to look at a couple places, they usually let you try a day or 2 to see if you like it - it all comes down to teaching style and approach; I was lucky, everything fit in perfectly at the one I went to. I would’ve hated BSy dojos where they just practice for tourney).

If it’s reflexes, you must sit upon the edge of a cliff with your sword and upon the instant of englitenment slice a butterfly in half and walk away with sakura trailing in your wake.

Or, you can, you know, spar with someone if you have the equipment.

And nice work Omega, on giving us a summary of all that’s already been said :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, jogging and karate are both suggestions I would give you. I do both during the summer.

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If it’s reflexes, you must sit upon the edge of a cliff with your sword and upon the instant of englitenment slice a butterfly in half and walk away with sakura trailing in your wake.

so THAT’s how to train reflexes!:stuck_out_tongue:

Sports, I don’t know what kinds you’re into, but summer is a great time to do this. Start calling your friends and organizing games. What you choose will probably be dictated by whatever areas are nearby. We used our old elementary school for all sorts of games, one guy had a key to his church that gave us access to a great basketball and volleyball court, and if you can find low traffic tennis courts you have a great place for hockey. This makes exercise a lot easier by not making it a chore.

I always found swimming or other water workouts to be good for overall health. Probably not the best for reflexes, but oh well… I was on the swim team for a few years, and I really enjoyed it. In college I did water aerobics (and no, it’s not just for old ladies with bad joints), and there I maintained my strength, stamina, and flexibility. The nice thing about water workouts is that a lot of your resistance is built in just by being in the water, and it won’t kill your joints if you have joint problems (like I sort of do with my knees).

Whatever you do, it’s important to have a routine and not to get discouraged. You don’t have to work out for hours and hours, either. Good luck.

Note - I’m having problems, since I was trying to work out more and I ended up hurting my back at work. I’m hoping to get back into exercising more once my back is better - even walking on a treadmill with zero incline is tough.

I did a bit of martial arts, but they didn’t help me all that much. Instead, I’ve started running. Not the fastest runner there is, but I can do fairly well. It’s also taught me great dexterity, learning to jump and dodge at a moment’s notice, considering the sort of places I run. =P

well, for general speed you’ll need to do some cardio. That involves jogging, running, stuff like that. Good reflex type excersises that also work cardio are things that athletes do to prep for games - such as intertwined step strafes and such (the grapevine).

Right now, I generally work on toning up. Since I smoke so much, my lungs are in terrible shape, so I don’t really jog much. However, in order to loose weight, you need to loose more calories in a day than you take in a day. As such, you need to research how many calories you normally take, reduce it, and then find out how many calories you loose doing what kind of excersises.

I take it you’ve been doing this for at least a week or so, so let me just remind you that you shouldn’t rush things, or you could get hurt.

I’ve head that building up arm muscles increase your “excercise drive” or something. That and stomach crunches/catipillar crawls help build up stamina for me.

smoking is bad for you.

So I hear.

Tennis is great exercise… but you need someone to do it with.

Crotanks, if you want to lose weight: run, cycle, or swim. They are the most efficient ways, running being number one, not to mention the fact it doesn’t require equipment or access to facilities.

Sports like karate and tennis will also do the job, but not as efficiently, and I don’t think they really get intense until you’ve been doing the sport for several months and are really into it. You might get discouraged trying to lose weight through a sport, because the results would be slow coming. That’s a just a guess on my part.

The problem with trying to organize fun sports and activities with other people to get in shape is that other people aren’t going to always feel like doing something with you.

I’d advise swimming, it’s the best form of exercise I’ve found. You have to use all your muscles at the same time while underwater. Shame there’s no pools near my area, otherwise I’d go everyday.

2 suggestions: have a caloric intake smaller than the outtake and talk to a professional about what exercises are best for you. I think the only one everybody can do with no problems is walking. Since you said you already do some kinds of exercise, I think you’d be OK with most of them.

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but you need someone to do it with.
I dunno if that’s considered ‘excercise’.

<img src=“”> That’s 1400 calories worth of exercise Xelo :stuck_out_tongue:

And by far, the fastest way to lose fat is liposuction. I prefer Kendo tough. Never been too into Karate (probably because my dojo and sensei sucked ass) and Nunchaku (see Karate), but I noticed that my condition improved greatly ever since I started taking Kendo classes.