Some asked this a while back...

TADA !!!

Fear my OST collection :stuck_out_tongue: Only not :stuck_out_tongue:

Clicka, if you dare =P

Can I steal a couple?

Now BURN it all! >:D

…holy shitake. bows down to DG

I thought you had more. :stuck_out_tongue: The books look so cool. What are the little figurines?

I’d guess they are cunningly-disguised alarms, for woe betide he who touches the Immaculate Collection!

What else can I say but… NERD! :stuck_out_tongue:

Those figurines are bottle caps of creatures from the DQ universe. This was a bonus item that came with the Dragon Quest 7 CD Symphonic Suite BoxSet.

DragonsRevenge : Fuck. Off.

Dude, Lighten up. I was joking.

That’s an impressive collection. I’d love to have the money to spend on that. Until then I can only settle for downloads and internet radio.

I know you were joking, I still didn`t appreciate the remark, tis all.

You dont want to know how much this has cost me.... I couldve bought a recent car with all that :stuck_out_tongue: Since I don’t have/want insurance now, no car for me. That doesn’t bother me. I`m used to be on foot.

Heh, I can guess. If you saw my music collection, you’d wonder too.

Meh. I only have FFIX’s OST.



Your probably the most hardcore game music colector in the hole continent,

Couple of questions:

1:Which one was the hardest to get?
2:Which one was the most exoensive?
3:which one is your most loved one?
4:what’s the one above Majora’s Mask?

Very impressive colection DG.

You are so cool DG.

You gotta figure theyre at least 25-30 bucks a piece, unless he got a lot of it cheap on ebay.

From a thread he did once a while back the OST for Secret of Evermore was a little more than a 100 buck’s.

I never really got into OST’s very much. Preferred orchestral renditions more.

@_@ Wow. That is a LOT of OSTs. I call that dedication :smiley:

He gets a lot of them on ebay. They’re not exactly cheap, though :stuck_out_tongue: