Some art....

from my little brother, who is only 8 years old.

I say that he is really talented, and will make a fine artist.

Check out his latest drawing.

Okay, but maybe you could tell us where it is first.

Forgot to attach it :stuck_out_tongue:

Something is wrong.

I can’t attach.

EDIT: Ok, here it is

It is some kind of dragon knight or somethin…

It’s a FULL DRACO KNIGHT RANK FIRT of course :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s pretty good for an 8-year-old, I guess. I don’t really know how to comment on it since I can’t tell where the parts begin :stuck_out_tongue:

Better than I can do.

Originally posted by Steve
Better than I can do.


Ummmm, maybe you could give us some further explanation to this? ^^;;;
And maybe tell us whattheheck we’re supposed to do? I mean I would give constructive criticism but considering that he’s 8, I guess this would be a little difficult o_O;; The normal “add some shadings and 3d angles and blahblahblah” won’t work I guess :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh and next time shrink the pic it takes forever to load :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want you guys to look at it.

Well I looked, not entirely sure what it is, but I looked.

Aw, looks like a gundam to me. Its cute! Tell him to maybe look into getting art lessons to perfect his style