Solve this

Took me some 20 tries to get it, but only because someone told me which item should go last.

7 tries.

people, water, wood, pot, tube, fire, bowl, bone, spring, ball.

Weee, eight tries.

Try that now.

I’m confused as fuck.

got the rpg one.

town, forest, castle, water, tower, rock, chest, dungeon

Eight and Seven tries.

Two tries for the first one, and three for the second.

3,628,800 tries for the first one, and 40,320 tries for the second.

You’re such a genius.

Btw, I think I plain fail at these :frowning:

I loved these games. Thanks for the link! There wasn’t much logic to them other than a bunch of trial and error so don’t feel bad if you never finished.

Actually, there is some logic. For example, you have to notice which objects take more time to level up and place them before others that will level faster.

hence the trial and error.

About 15-20 for the first one, and 2 for the second one. I clearly got more awesome as I went along. :slight_smile:

Ren and Steve, thank you for the links. It was very amusing.

The RPG one has been there for months, finished it ages ago.

It took me awhile to do the cube and rpg but did anyone try grow ver. 3? It took me 5 tries i believe

I don’t see the point of any of these.

Those were pretty cool… any idea where more of them can be found?

Ya they kinda give me a headache but i thought they were neat tell me if any more are out.