Solo Acoustic Guitar Songs

List every one you know of, I need things to play. Don’t give me shitty pop rock tabs either. I want real acoustic guitar music to learn, preferrably classical style, but anything will do. Listy!

I’d suggest Mason Williams’ Classical Gas and Isaac Albeniz’s (or maybe it was Segovia who converted it from piano to guitar) Leyenda.

I can reccomend A Past and Future Secret and The Bard’s Song, by Blind Guardian.

Not exactly solo(moreso with the former), but still excellent listens.

How much is that like Clapton’s Classical Gas (which would be a little overwhelming for the average guitarist)?

Well the one 984 sent me isn’t just guitar. The one version I heard that was, didn’t actually sound too difficult. But yeah suggest more songggs.

My Suggestions (as well as songs I can play parts of)

Led Zeppelin - Battle of Evermore (which also has mandolin, but those parts can
be converted to acoustic)

The Song Remains The Same - Led Zeppelin

Good-Bye, Blue Sky - Pink Floyd

Behind Blue Eyes - The Who

No clue. Never heard Clapton’s. And yeah, sorry Hades. Forgot about all the horns and stuff.

You should hear Eric Clapton’s; it’s quite a feat for anyone to play it (or so I’ve been told - I don’t play the guitar). I could send it to you.

Got to hear Clapton’s. Yeah, it’s basically the same Classical Gas but minus the horns and shit.

I’m just gonna list the songs that are on the back of my learning acoustic songbook thingy book thing.

Angels - Robbie Williams
Baby can I hold you? - Tracy Chapman
Back to you - Bryan Adams
Blackbird - The Beatles
Blowin’ in the wind - Bob Dylan
The boxer - Paul Simon
Cast no shadow - Oasis
Celebrate - The levellers
Could you be loved - Bob Marley
Cry baby cry - The beatles
A day in the life - The beatles
Days - The kinks
Dead frm the waist down - Catatonia
Don’t marry her - The beautiful south
Driftwood - Travis
End of a century - Blur
Everybody’s talking - Nilsson
Father and son - Cat stevens/Boyzone
Fernando - Abba
Fields of gold - Sting
Fragile - Sting
Have you ever really loved a woman? - Bryan adams
Here comes the sun - The beatles
Here, there and everywhere - The beatles
Homeward bound - Paul simon
How deep is your love - Bee gees
Hurry up and wait - Stereophonics
I wouldnt believe your radio - Stereophonics
Imagine - John Lennon
In my life - The beatles
Killing me softly with his song - Roberta flack
Knockin’ on heaven’s door - Bob dylan
Lay lady lay - Bob dylan
Linger - The cranberries
A little time - The beautiful south
Love is all around - The Troggs
Love me tender - Elvis presley
Married with children - Oasis
The masterplan - Oasis
Me and julio down by the schoolyard - Paul simon
Michelle - The beatles
More than us - Travis
Mother nature’s son - The beatles
Mr. Tambourine man - Bob dylan
Mrs. Robinson - Paul simon
No matter what - Boyzone
No woman, no cry - Bob marley
Nothing else matters - Metallica
One way - The levellers
Pinball wizard - The who
Prettiest eyes - The beautiful south
Redemption song - Bob marley
Romeo and juliet - Dire straits
Rotterdam - The beautiful south
Runaway - The corrs
Sisters of mercy - Leonard cohen
Something changed - Pulp
Space oddity - David bowie
Starman - David bowie
Substitute - The who
Suzanne - Leonard cohen
Tears in heaven - Eric clapton
That’s entertainment - The jam
The times they are a-changin’ - Bob dylan
Tonight, tonight - Smashing pumpkins
Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
Waiting in vain - Bob marley
What a beautiful day - The levellers
What can I do - The corrs
Whatever - The oasis
Why does it always rain on me? - Travis
The wild ones - Suede
Wild wood - Paul weller
Wonderwall - Oasis
Yesterday - The beatles
You do something to me - Paul weller
You’re still the one - Shania twain
You’ve got to hide your love away - The beatles

If you have a classical guitar, there are some seriously bad ass acoustic spanish guitar pieces that you can learn. Like, if you can get then down, go play on the street or something and just jam - and you’ll earn some hard cash. They are that badass. Only downside is they require a lot of complicated simultaneous picking and fret changing, and a combination picking and strumming. It’s complicated, but beautiful.

I don’t have a classical guitar, I just play classical style on a steel string acoustic, it gives a REALLY badass sound. It’s extremely hard though because I have to do shit like arpeggiate bar chords, which is quite hard on steel string, Lol :stuck_out_tongue: And I love spanish guitar, it’d be fun to learn some.

I think some of the furious picking and strumming switches would be difficult on steel strings :x

MAS*H Theme song :o