Soccer mom afraid of an advertisement

And of butter knives

Now let’s watch the media blow this whole thing way out of proportion.

…Gawd, people are too fucking cowardly these days. And thats not a machete at all, it’s a scimitar I think, man…people are fuckin’ retarded.

“I got my kid a nintendo because I thought it might make him a man-man like they show in those ads. I gave Billy a shotgun and right away, he aimed at mother-in-law, fired, and scored a headshot. Those games are an effective way to teach kids how to fight effectively in live combat situations; my mother-in-laws broccoli sauce is a real killer! I’m so proud of Billy!” ~ Dad

Oooh, bloody hell, that will be fun. :fungah:

Naaaah, it’s Canadian media. All we do is bitch, we don’t blow things out of proportion all that often. Usually we just bitch.

I don’t recall seeing any ads for Prince of Persia with guns…

Which is part of why the whole article is so funny. Even the game itself doesnt have guns.

I wonder if the kid would’ve been afraid if the ad had a butterknife instead of a scimitar.

God damn violent video games, WHY CAN’T YOU DAMN KIDS PLAY NICE GAMES??


Sorry, woman, but the world is a scary place, and one day your kids will have to face it alone. Unless you want them living with you for their whole life, like some loser.

Those kids suck, and they look like weiner kids. Hell my brother used to play the origional Prince of Persia on the NES while I watched. And my mom would put me to sleep playing Legend of Zelda.

Silly parent.
She wants her children to grow up not knowing how to use a butter knife?

What a little punkass. I know they haven’t dropped yet, but yeesh, show some balls, kid, it’s just an ad.

Or mom, teach the kid the difference between reality and fiction. IT’S JUST AN AD (not real) for a video game (also not real). Teach him how he need not fear a frickin’ ad on a bus.

All this is going to do is teach the kid to run to his mom whenever he has a problem and/or the going gets rough or scary. This is, ultimately, going to bring more of exactly that down on him as he gets older. Other kids find out you do this, and you get labelled a mama’s boy (or worse, often worse).

He’s four years old, what do you expect? He’s at the age where he should be afraid of large dogs, certain bugs, and clowns, and yet you don’t expect him to be afraid of a menacing guy with a huge sword?

Well, the realism difference between the NES and GCN is pretty drastic.

One with a gun? wtf?

Still, having nightmares about a picture seems kind of wussy. Having nightmares about the game itself, if it’s bloody and gorey, is understandable, but this is just stupid.

You call THAT a knife?

THIS is a knife!

<img src = “”>

That’s not a knife. That’s a spoon.