SO3: Gabriel Celesta > me

I have yet to last more than 1 minute against him, mostly due to him casting Lightning Feather immediately after his AAA owns my AI characters. I’m using Fayt, Cliff and Albel, with Veinslay, Mithril Gauntlets and Claw of Judgement respectively. All of their weapons have 7 atk +500 and 1 50% survive on fury. Cliff and Fayt have fully refined Reflecting Plate and Albel has a fully refined Mystic Chain. For accessories they all have a fully refined Boots of Prowess and a Tri Emblem (I am now quite broke, though I may have the patience to hammer on some Reaver Tyrants again). Fate is level 109 and the other 2 are level 107. All of my other characters are of negligible level (30ish).

There is a factor of luck in beating him at a reasonable level, and also great strategy on the part of the gamer. Take a few tries through to study the way he acts. He’s computer controlled, so his behaviour is scripted and you should be able to predict a good portion of his moves. I might lget some new weapons, and take not so many +500 ATKs and synthesize some def on there. What good is attack if you can’t withstand two hits without dying?

It’s expensive, but synthesize some boots of prowess on your weapons. It helps a lot. You may also want to level Maria up. A long range person helps and she’s good at taking mp damage. She’s weak at first, but kicks so much ass later on. You should also have an item that teaches Energy Burst that you find in the dungeon. That is one of the best skills in the game.

The attack factors were mostly from me being cheap during the end of the main game and being impatient about beating the arena (I had wasted most of my synthesis materials on dumb stuff early on, so the fact that it only took 1 per weapon was a big help at the time).

As I mentioned, most of my deaths were AAA related, though they have gone down some now that I took Aerial Assault off Cliff’s short range weak. Gabriel also has a nasty habit of refusing to be stun locked regardless of how many 20-40k hits he takes in rapid succession. Up till now everything in the game has broken down to hitting the enemies fast and hard, since if I could get him in a good stun lock he’d die in about 2 combos with the amount of damage I’ve been raining down most battles.

I’m trying not just sit there with 10 BoP per person taking zero damage from every thing. I currently have 3 BoP sitting in reserve that I swapped out for the Tri Emblems, and the prospect of refining more (and the prospect of saving up the cash needed to do so… it took me a couple hours to get those Tri Emblems) rather scares me, though if it’s the only way then I’ll give it a go.

Where would be a good place to level Maria at besides attempting to keep her alive during MoT fights?

I’ll be honest, the first time I beat Gabriel (at about lvl 80) was mostly luck. However, when I went back to him after clearing out Sphere 211, he went down like a punk bitch to my lv 255 characters. :smiley:

For leveling any underleveled characters, I manually control them, have two decent levelled characters in the battle, and let those two just go to town while I avoid damage. It levels them up pretty quickly. I’ve been able to get all of my characters above lvl 150 that way (and I have Fayt, Nel, and Albel at lv 255).

I think I was pretty lucky in that fight. I managed to beat him on my first try.

I was using a team of Fayt, Cliff and Adray. While the other two went in for the fight I took Cliff to the furthest point, from the action. In order to get the taunt battle trophy. I then ran in, got a couple of strong hits in from my Aerial Assault, and Fists of Fury. And just managed to get out of the way of his big attack. After healing the other two, I merely went in for the kill. And he was down, before I knew it.

Like I said, I was lucky.

I do that too, using Sophie, or someone who can use that lightning spell…you know, the one that immobilizes enemies for like 5 seconds? =D Instant pwnage, if you set it on X or O. I use it every second of every battle so the weaker and stronger character can move about without getting hit.

Maria’s pretty easy to level up due to her fighting style. Just keep her away and use Aiming Device. Usually fighting Proclaimers is a good way to level.

Yeah, until you shut the power off and then realize you’re way too overlevelled to even bother trying to fight monsters for the next quarter of the game :frowning:

You can’t be overlevelled in SO3. If nothing else, you’ll just be “more prepared” for Sphere 211.

I got Maria to level 80 fighting “Get’em Twin Beast” but then I had the bright idea to go finish exploring the 7th floor of the MoT, all went well until a Reaver Tyrant decided to ignore the fact that he should have been stun locked by Fayt and Albel using Air Raid and Dragon’s Roar while I was having Maria play with Energy Burst. It fired Ice Beam, followed by one of it’s spinny attacks and killed my whole party. I had neglected to save, thus losing 3 hours and a chain of 100ish.

What are some good skill setups for the AI to use? I really haven’t been paying that much attention to their stuff beyond just tossing on things that look cool or sound good on paper.

[edit]Swapping in Fists of Fury on Cliff fucked Gabriel up badly. I just killed him without taking damage in under a minute by locking him in a corner and firing away with a Side Kick/Air Raid chain while Cliff used Fists of Fury and Albel spammed Dragon’s Roar. 2 full chains later and the fight ended. I’m still somewhat stunned.[/edit]

I think Maria may be the best one to control because you can use Energy Burst to its fullest. The AI uses it for like two seconds then quits. I have killed many enemies easily by hitting them with a full Fury Energy Burst. My set up for Maria is
Weak close: none
Weak far: Energy Burst
Strong close: Cresent Locus
Strong far: Aiming Device.
I put Energy Burst on weak because it can do a lot more damage. On strong it takes 60 fury to start it up. Weak allows you to hold it longer. If you want you can take off Aiming Device and swap Cresent Locus for Gravity Bullet. Thisset up won’t allow for many other skills, but these are all you need.

Maria’s speed is shitty. That’s why, sometimes she’s not even worth using.

That is very true. I tend to control Fayt out of habit and due to the AI being too stupid to abuse the easy combos I tend to have set on his close skills. For the longest time I used Side Kick on both close slots and an elemental blade skill on his long range strong. I recently swapped close strong Side Kick for Air Raid, which has proven quite good for juggling big annoying enemies. Cliff generally had Aerial Assault on both close slots, though now I’ve seen how handy Fists of Fury is on close weak. Albel has Double Slash on close weak, Dragon’s Roar on close strong and Air Slash on long strong.

I made a small run in Sphere 211, but I got monster pwned by the floating robots with the machine guns, which was rather painful.

I got most of the bunnies from map completion so her speed is tolerable. You can also you her sidestep to get around quickly.