Who here has a computer? I know I do.

I think I had one, a few years ago. Dunno what happened to it.

I had one, but it tried to kill me in my sleep and is probably allied with those damned toasters so I exchanged it with some hobo for a cardboard box.
Much better.

I do.

What a coincedence, Hades, I have a computer. This looks like an excuse to serenade you in the pale moonlight whilst hoping to seduce you into the bedroom later.

That would depend on how you look at it. This one here does not belong to me; I am merely using it. I do, however, own a laptop! Which is completely spent and will be replaced by a proper PC using the money from my summer job. =P

I don’t. I control the Net itself and bend it to my will.

I have a cable modem connected directly to my brain.

I… Need a computer… :enguard:

of course not… what’s the use anyway?

I might. It depends on your defininion of “have.” And possibly “is.”

Ah, but Loki, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?

I have. He stepped on my toes with his damn hooves.

I do, and have recently decided to name her Luca, because I have an unhealthy interest in anime goth chicks.

I think I do…unless two hunks of plastic with circuits in them dousn’t count as a computer…

Man hades. Other people read Bash too :P.

I have eight!

I just use a typewriter, this whole “digital” thing is only a fad.

Ironically I’m at the campus PC labs right now.

A computer I can use, yes. One just for me, nope.