Why are there all these individual organizations for breast cancer research? Is it different from just NORMAL cancer? Is there any reason curing every other kind of cancer somehow wont affect breast cancer?

Just a random thought >_> I don’t really care that much, but I’m curious.

There is no “normal” cancer, and certainly not one you can cure and magically cure every other cancer. Cancer is just an umbrella term referring to tissue in your body that’s gone rogue and refuse to die even if you really, really need it to. Cancer has like a billion ways in which it can develop, so there is no “cure for cancer”. That’s like saying you’re going to develop a “solution to conflict”, or make “maps for every level in Diablo II”.

In fact, it’s going to be hard to find a “cure for breast cancer” too, because “breast cancer” just refers to cancer that occurs in the breast, but breast cancers generally show similar traits, having been developed from fat cells, making them, generally, a different class of cancer from, say, leukemia, or skin cancer. That’s why it’s at least a realistically achievable goal by a single organization or a group of organizations.

Not to mention there are organisations for other cancers. Breast cancer isn’t the special case, you just may hear about it more often that’s all.

Yeah, Breast Cancer is just one of those cancers that is more advertised than others. I mean, we don’t have a walk for prostate cancer. (Would that even be a good idea?)

Though now that I think about it, when they say they’re searching for a “cure for cancer”, which cancer are they referring to? Though I imagine any cancer would be tricky to cure due to cell mutation that results.

Breast cancer’s the most common form of cancer in developed countries so they get a lot of money, which allows them to be well organized.

Some breast cancer research can translate to other cancers, others not.

Honestly, you should be rather skeptical about the organizations. There is an utter lack of transparency in a few I know.

And yes there is a walk for prostate cancer but it gets tied in with a couple other rarer types. Its the below the belt cancer walks and they usually involve people doing it in their underwear.

Let me just express my astonishment that not only was breast cancer compared to Diablo II, it was also done in a way that made sense. Damn.

You answered you own question. Breast cancer is responsible for loss of boobies. Nobody wants that. :o

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