What happened?
I really wanna know what the “security stuff” was.

Hope I’m not being too nosey =\

Ramza touched himself at night.

Haha that stupid bastard.

I’m still not entirely sure. The comments ev1servers made didn’t make much sense. Merl and I are trying to piece it together, and I’ve been shown a site that has a lot of walkthroughs towards making what we do safer which I’ll try implementing after the holidays.

From what I’ve seen: nothing really. I’ve received the same attack from my ISP’s DNS Server.

Wow, you guys are all a step ahead of me, I hadn’t even heard why the Agora was down.
So, basically, Ramza’s masturbation caused some 1337 h4XX0rz to the site. I’d say that makes sense.

Ah, yes. I saw it didn’t appear but didn’t really care why.

Perhaps this is an omen of things to come.

:moogle: Thats creepy.