Any one going to Comicon?

Stuff about it

Sorry buddy, but I’m not a NERD. For me it’s an anime con or nothing.

Then come to otakon >=(

i agree with blue, anime is my thing, i just started working on wolfwoods cross punisher, it looks good so far. I dont really want to go to one of those comics thing, unless it was really close, but an anime one is worth going a while away for it. Comics are cool in all, but i enjoy anime better.

It’s in the US and I’m not in the US, so no, I’m not, not unless you manage to have them move the whole thing to Norway.

Allow me to laugh myself silly at the notion that Otaku are somehow better than Comic Book Geeks. (I’m BOTH, I’ll have you know, and from before most people here were even born!) :hahaha;

And while I would love to go to Comicon (and plenty of other conventions, like E3) I’m too far away and without money. (However, if my nephew Jaime does become a professional baseball player -and it looks like he will!) I’ll probably accompany him to the States, so I might show up on you guys’ doorsteps one day. :slight_smile:

No but I am going to Commiecon. :hahaha;

Sorry buddy but I’m not a NERD. For me it’s SciFi con or nothing.

I think i’m goin

;_; someone come to otakon with me.

I have some friends that are going to Otacon, just too much money to get their for what it is worth for my tastes