How about that bipedalism? Pretty cool adaption, huh? Score one for evolution.

By the way, aliens are going to invade us in 6 days. Be prepared.

uhhh whats bipedilism.

and the aliens have already invaded they rent out the guest room in my house.

dude we so have to throw a party to night.

yeah party!!!

no bad aliens no wild parties! :moogle:

I am going to be blunt about this: I loathe sprite theatre.

Fucking hell Hades, learn to suck it up like the rest of us.

I don’t think you realize what a serious matter it is to be invaded by aliens.

I may be bi many things, but pedal isn’t one of them. Or something. >.>

and i suppose you have proof as to this so called “invasion”? :thud:

Oh in that case your really gonna hate my dragon ball z puppet theater.

I wanna have a party!!

Oh shutup and go smoke pot with mog. :moogle:

Of course! No man is just a prefix.

I think we are pretty safe on that field, after all, what race in the universe would be interested in having us as slaves? We have througly proved that we suck on a general level and at the current rate, the planet won’t have many vital resources left by the time Darth Vader or the Klingons get here.

because like many of us in this forsaken earth, they dont have liivveess

naw, just kidding, what i meant was dun dun dun…because they’d probably feel all badassy and shit, which is completely bull

Are the alien women hot, like on Star Trek?

No, actually they resemble the monstrosity in your avatar.

haha, all men will suffer muahahaha :moogle:

and anything you say in reply to this statement…I already know :thud:

By the way, they’re lesbians, and they will get you.

well shit

aww fuck

How come it’s always the aliens that are so terrible and destructive? I want the Terrans to be the bigger, stronger, more better aliens!

First off, Aliens were going to destroy the world on Sept 29 by crashing a ship into the epicenter of a quake in mexico, but was defeated by a core of abducties (sp?) who were studing saucer finght in secret.

on a second note…

edit: Oh yea. I heard about this one sci-fi story where aliens come to earth and try to conquer. Only one catch: space travel is only a step above steam power ( we skiped it somehow) so they come, they die, we smack ourselves in the forehead and we go on to conquer the universe

Aliens are here.
Tentacle sacrifice.
I nominate Pie.