I have some time in my hands, so I am gonna go buy one of the PS FFs.

The question is, which one should I buy, and why?

I already got FF7 and Tactics.

So my choices are FF8 and FF9.

Which of the two is better? FF8 looks great, but FF9 looks a bit childish. (Then again, Kingdom Hearts looked childish, but it was still a great game)

This is going to start a war…

But it all depends what you are looking for. FF8 is a little mroe serious, and “angsty”. If you want realism in a game, pick up FF8. FF9 is a little more cheerful, the world is kind of bright. The game is kinda slow, but it flows.

Either game you choose, you cant choose the wrong one. Pick a winner !

I’d say go for 8. The characters are cooler on a whole and I think that it is longer. Out of FF9 and FF8, I play FF8 more. F9’s disc 1 is awesome, but after that it seems to peater out and lose its flare and becomes sort of dull.

Eight has more side quests I think but if you like characters that are all different get 9.

VIII’s gameplay IS better, the card game “Triple Triad” is pretty good and the characters do have a “cooler” side to them. However IX has a better story (I mean c’monEvOl sorceress from the future wants to use convoluted magic trick to rule over the universe. That’s pretty crappy IMO) and you actually get to know a little bit about the villain.

Granted, the ability learning system is a pain in the ass and said villain is Kefka jammed into Sephiroth’s body with an apparent disability to shut the fuck up, but overall I liked IX a lot. And, despite being a mix-up of Locke Cole, Edgar Roni Figaro and Irvine Kinneas, I still think the protagonist is awesome. IX also has Chocobo Hot & Cold, the most nerve-wrecking but still BEST mini-game ever. However, the new card game “Tetra Master” is completely different (And more annoying) than “Triple Triad” but that doesn’t really matter that much.

It depends. Objectively, 9 Seems to charm a lot of people, but 8 is tougher and the story is a lot better.

personally, I don’t like 9 at all. I just don’t see what the fuss is about. 8 however, I played for like 13 hours the day I got it, haha :stuck_out_tongue: I’d reccomend 8.

Your opinion is invalid since you love DQ. FF8 was just…asstastic but I cant put my finger on why. It just seemed like it was almost a great game and barely lacking in most elements, but the little it was lacking caused it to suck violently. 9 isnt all that bad, but its not that great either. Really you’re gonna either love or hate either one, so take your pic between realistic, with the Draw and Junction systems+bad story of 8, or interesting character designs, forced character roles(you cant really have anyone do everything like you can in 7 and 8 with proper builds) and half decent story of 9,

Ummm, what does loving DQ have to do with enjoying FF8 ? Really, leave DQ out of this :stuck_out_tongue:

It did lack something: A Story. The character development thing was great but the whole Sorceress crap was more of an excuse than an actual plot.

FF8… mah favourite… :enguard:

Final Fantasy VIII has a silly plot ("Oh, YOU went to that orphanage too? What a coincidence! What are the odds that EVERY ONE OF US went to that orphanage but forgot about it afterward due to the silly fact that GFs make us lose memories for some reason! ) and is pretty drab in my opinion. And Squall is fucking annoying! I’m probably the only one here that can’t stand Squall, but actually likes Selphie. I didn’t really like Junctioning either, but that’s personal preference. Its redeeming factor was the fact that you could summon Tonberry and Triple Triad was pretty cool too. FF8’s not a bad game, it’s just not a great game either.

I liked how FF9 handled abilities (learning them from equipment), but other than that, it felt very average. Probably a little better than FF8. Don’t worry about it being “too childish”. Actually, I was hoping that it would be a great deal more “childish”, for lack of a better term. I’d rather have an original and fun cutesy RPG than a hackneyed “serious” one.

If you’re going to play just one more of the Playstation FFs, I’d suggest just getting Final Fantasy Origins. Actually, don’t get Final Fantasy Origins either, wait for the GBA version.

Now that I think about it, I think FF8 and FF9 might be the two worst games in the Final Fantasy series…=/ I mean, they’re still <i>good</i>, just not as good as the others.

You really can’t go wrong with either one. Might as well flip a coin.

But I prefer 8.

Between the two? Hrm… thats a tough one… I know! Play the good one:

Final Fantasy Tactics!

I can safely say that this is the only completely bullshit opinion in this thread.

Get 8.

Final Fantasy VIII has a silly plot (" Spoiler: Oh, YOU went to that orphanage too? What a coincidence! What are the odds that EVERY ONE OF US went to that orphanage but forgot about it afterward due to the silly fact that GFs make us lose memories for some reason! )
Hiryuu, oversimplifications like these are why I can’t respect you anymore :frowning: Sorry, man. This was maybe half a percent of the plot. Of course, no one talks about things that don’t suck when discussing games, like the other 95.5% of the plot for example.

VIII remains my favourite, but I loved IX as well. Besides the slightly angsty vs more cheerful, you might want to compare the fact that FFVIII has more sci-fi elements, and IX is a more traditional fantasy setting.

Take your pic - in my opinion, you can’t really go wrong with either, but that is my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: I know they weren’t to the tastes of some players. I still wouldn’t rampantly slate them even if they weren’t to mine though XD Everyone likes different things.

I could surgest FF5+6 or Chrono Trigger/FF4. (The UK got FF6 alone and FF4+5 but not CT).

Big Nutter
I like them both. but I cant find 9 to replace my scratched one.

Why choose? Get both FFs. You can decide on your own. $20 on E-bay.

Care to mention what that 95.5% percent is? Even if you count Laguna who, IMO should have been the real protagonist, you still have about 60% to fill.

I agree with all this except the last sentence. FF8 isn’t a bad RPG, it’s merely the worst RPG I ever played. I did like Triple Triad very much, and surprisingly, I liked Selphie but hated everyone else - except Laguna. Junction = worst idea ever. Squall and Rinoa = second worst.

FF9 is okay if you enjoy things like rat girls, qu things, 4 year olds in your party, jump rope, frog catching, hippo people, and a monkey tail on the lead character that nobody seems to notice. It was a good story and battle system ruined by muppetizing the entire production, so that 6 year olds would laugh when they played.

If you want to play a good PSX RPG, give Suikoden, Lunar, Xenogears or FFT a shot. Go back and play crappy sellout games for n00bs like VII-IX after you’ve played the good ones.