So you've pranged your new car, it has a dent and you're feeling bad...

…it could be worse, you could be Sebastian Buemi, seeing precisely the last thing you want to see when you’re hurtling down a racetrack at 190mph.

LOL! Oh god that’s awful. The guy pulled through ok though, thankfully.

Ever since I accidentally flipped to the speed channel I can’t get enough of this F1 stuff.

That driver is either lucky or incredibly talented to have kept his vehicle going straight without either of his front wheels. I’m impressed with the skills and glad no one’s hurt.

Probly lucky, how would he have been controlling that thing.

Well, I’d suspect that a lot of people that are unsure what to do in the event of a tire blow out would try to over compensate during the counter steer, leading to a flipped vehicle. The driver was able to maintain a relatively straight tragectory (although he did scrape the wall a bit) with two blow outs one after the other. Being a professonal, he probably has had single blow outs before and knows how to react accordingly on reflex. With that in mind, there definately was some luck involved. I’d need to see a well spelled argument to persuade me differently.

I wonder if that happened towards the end of the race and the wheel passed the finish line but nothing else, if that would be considered a win.

I was expecting something of the “Holy Shit!” variety.

But, this is still kinda cool. I probably would’ve flipped out and twirled the car all over the track.