So you want to join RPGC?

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten many requests from e-mailers or others about “joining RPGClassics.” Unfortunately, under most cases the only way to join RPGC in the past has been by creating an RPG “shrine” for us, and lots of people either don’t have the time or the interest or the inspiration to do that. But now, there is an alternative way to potentially join and work for RPGC that doesn’t involve shrine building (although we’d love it if you still built shrines :P).

I hope you are familiar with our RPG Database correct? Basically, it’s an ever-growing massive archive of RPG information. It covers lots of games we don’t yet have shrines for, and we one-day hope with the help of the Database to continue our goal of becoming the best source of RPG information on the Internet. If you’ve never used our database before (for shame!) then here’s the link for you to check it out:

Anyway, the Database takes a lot of work too, maybe not as much as making a shrine in terms of intensity or difficulty, but there is just a lot more work that needs doing. More work than our staff can currently handle solely on our own, we’re already overburdened/lazy as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

This is where you come in. We are looking for people to “hire” to work exclusively on our site database, Alexandria. Your job may or will include the following tasks:

  • Ensuring all our current Database information is correct. This entails researching and double-checking an RPG’s listed developer and publisher information, checking all the links and system information, etc.
  • Finding and adding game-information we’re currently missing for RPGs in the database. Basically, filling in the current holes.
  • Adding other potential RPGs and their information to the database, such as games we don’t yet have entered, new releases, etc.
  • Writing descriptive blurbs or “game abstracts” for all the RPGs in our database. Basically, a nice, short, descriptive, neutral explanation of what the game is like, how it plays, what its plot is, etc. The only example we currently have for this is for this game, Earthbound,
  • Acquiring screenshots for all the games in our database.
  • Looking for “FAQs” or other text-file data on the Internet for all the games in our database and adding them to our database.

If you don’t fully understand what needs doing even with that outline, just go to our Database and browse around, you should be able to easily pick it up. And if you still can’t, well, maybe the database isn’t for you :stuck_out_tongue:

The work I enumerated is going to be split up into four groups, with a staff member acting as the “head” of each group to help coordinate things, assign work, answer questions, administrate, etc. Here are the four groups:

Walhalla – Red Leader
Red squadron will handle verifying and updating all RPG-information for all the games between the “numbers” (like 7th Saga) through the letter L, except for game abstracts and screenshots. This job requires mostly research, but you also will be responsible for looking for FAQs for games we don’t have much game-info on, etc.

Epicgamer – Gold Leader
Gold squadron is doing the same thing as Red squadron; only they are doing it for RPGs from the letter M through the letter Z. This job requires mostly research, but you also will be responsible for looking for FAQs for games we don’t have much game-info on, etc.

Tenchimaru Draconis – Blue Leader
Blue squadron is handling game abstracts and screenshot gathering for the entire Database. This job entails either knowing or finding out how a game is like (either by playing it or reading up on it, etc.), and then writing a short 100-150 word unbiased description of the game. You’ll also have to scrounge up screenshots for the games in the database. This job is the most creative but also demanding since you’ll have to write good descriptions, likely play parts of games you haven’t, etc.

Cloth Hat – Green Leader
Green squadron is doing all the work that Red, Gold, and Blue is doing – but only for games not yet in the Database, i.e., really obscure games and new releases. You’ll be responsible for adding these games to the database, finding all their requisite information, writing their abstract, finding screenshots and FAQs, etc.

Well, that’s mostly it. Now that you generally know what the work will entail, let me go over what you get out of the deal, what’s expected of you, etc.

**Here are the benefits:

When you join you will be given an e-mail address (either a POP3 one or a forwarding address), which you are to use in any official RPGC-related work (you of course can use it elsewhere too). You’ll be given VOP (+) status in the chat room if you want it, and while you don’t get a fully custom-title on the boards, if you choose to you can be given a title like Red 3, Green 5, depending who you’re working with, etc. You’ll be granted near-full protection under our Charter provided you agree with it, access to a DB-exclusive forum, and you’ll be listed on our staff page and database staff page. Lastly, if you are deemed to have worked hard and consistently enough on the DB for a period of nine months, you get to join our Staff with all (or is it any? :P) of the benefits it entails.

**What’s expected:

While you are part of the DB squadron, you are expected to, well, work on the DB :stuck_out_tongue: Basically you’ll be given a certain amount of work to do each month, with the overall aim of assigning you approximately as much work as it takes to build an average shrine in 9 months. So just do your work at a reasonable but consistent pace, comport yourself as befitting a good staff member during this time, and everything should work out fine. Don’t worry about not knowing how to update the DB right now either, I’ve already written a verbose manual that should answer most of your questions and we’ll be around to answer the others once you join. And, if you either find that you can no longer do the work, or if we find that you can no longer do the work, no hard feelings, you’ll just be released from your duty and you can just go off and do whatever you want to do instead. Oh yeah, the only other bad thing about working on the DB is that you’ll most likely have to suffer more of TD’s bad jokes, but we’re all used to that by now :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, here’s what I’m looking for in terms of your capabilities. I’m looking for dedicated individuals who would like to work on a website but don’t yet have the time or ability to construct a shrine for us. You don’t even need to know FTP or HTML or any of that to work on the DB, but if you already know how to do that stuff please tell me in your e-mail, for I’m more interested in hiring people with those skills over people who don’t, since it’s advantageous to know those things by the time you join regular staff. I also won’t pretend that if you are a chat or forum regular and I know you that you won’t have an edge, since maturity (in attitude not age) is a factor in gauging who should work on the DB, I’m more likely to hire someone who I know comports themselves and is more trustworthy than someone I don’t. If you’re already building a shrine, have good English skills, or any other computer, website, or other technical skills you may possess is another plus.

Bear in mind that none of these conditions mean you’ll automatically get in, they’re just factors, so don’t be immediately disheartened or supremely confident about your chances before you even apply.

So, have you read all this crap through? Congrats, that was the first test :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s the second. If you are interested in working for RPGClassics on our database, e-mail me, Be sure to include any other information you think might help your “application,” like an acknowledgement of your HTML skills, work you’ve done for other sites, a writing or research example, your forum or chat alias, how many plates you can juggle, whatever. You may also express in your email an interest in wanting to work for one squadron over another (like if you are a good writer you may want to be on Blue squadron), but keep in mind I reserve the right to put you on another group if I have to or deem it necessary.

Keep in mind that the ONLY applications I will be considering are ones that end up in my E-MAIL box. You can ask me if I got your request on the boards or on AIM or something, but ONLY the applications that are in my inbox will be considered. Saying you would like to join in this thread, in the chat, through a PM, with carrier pigeons, or a telepathic mind-javelin WILL NOT be counted. That’s the way things go.

So uh, I guess that’s it. We’re probably looking for only 2 or 3 people for each group, so spots are somewhat limited; and I estimate this application period will only last two weeks unless I need more people to apply. Best of luck to you, and here’s hoping that after 9 months of solid work you can join our staff with the knowledge that you soundly earned your spot!


Alternate modes of contact (NOT to apply, but for confirmation, to chat, etc.)
AIM --> Merlin3649
ICQ --> 70936718
Chat Alias in #rpgclassics --> Merlin or Merl|Shoveling or Merl|Away
Forum Alias --> Merlin

If we have to put up with TD’s jokes, nobody’ll join :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> Well, so much for that idea. This can be unstickied and closed now :stuck_out_tongue:

I applied. Mainly so I can make TD actually work instead of playing SoaL. Wait. that didn’t work with shrining either. Dammit.

TD, we damn better finish the shrine before sumer, or… I’ll cry. Just TYPE THAT THIEF PAGE ALREADY!!

Whoa, sweet jesus! Green squad was practically INVENTED for me! Except CH as leader? Hmm, that will have to be changed… MWAHAHAHA etc.

(Nah, just kidding, CH is actually my leader of choice from all of those anyway. =P )

Hmm, the Blue Team sounds like something I’d do. But I’m still working on the SotS shrine, so probably won’tr need to join, anyway.

I’d probably join the blue squadron, since I’m good at summarising, but I don’t own that many RPGs, so I won’t be able to summarise that many anyway :P.

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
Hmm, the Blue Team sounds like something I’d do. But I’m still working on the SotS shrine, so probably won’tr need to join, anyway.

<img src=“”> Or you could do both. That way, you also have work to do after you finish your shrine, and won’t just sit around and procastrinate on finding more stuff to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Bluuuueeeeee! I wanna be bluuueeeee!

Blue seems right for me…

Blue would be my best bet.

I like the colour blue: So I suppose I’ll fit into that. And I guess it’s not a minus that I’m good at playing untranslated and obsucre rpgs, and like taking silly screenshots of things. Mostly to make avatars of them, but still.

Tenchimaru Draconis as the leader, though? That’s a scare-away.

to clarify something that’s come up, if you’re building a shrine it’s an advantage when it comes to joining this, not a disadvantage. I’d rather have people on this who are also building shrines :stuck_out_tongue:

I may join Blue Squadron. Hell, I’m one of the few people here who can take PS2 Screenshots. The only thing is all the rental fees ;_;

Well since you’re the one of the richest people in the world accoring to you, rental fees should be nothing.

Originally posted by Flintedge
Well since you’re the one of the richest people in the world accoring to you, rental fees should be nothing.
It is when I always forget to bring them back and rack up $50 for one game.

$50? Ouch…

Basically you’ll be given a certain amount of work to do each month, with the overall aim of assigning you approximately as much work as it takes to build an average shrine in 9 months.

Come again? Now who honestly works 9 months on a shrine? :slight_smile: j/k

I’d like to join Red, it seems to fit me best, of course, I gotta get to finishing the DMW3 shrine soon, too. But yea, the Red sounds good. I’ll apply.

This is interesting… I might do it. I must ponder it though.

I’m very good at writing, but too many people are asking for Blue anyway.