So who loves megaman?

Oh I think many of you will enjoy this. Might get a little old… but eh :smiley:

I’m very paranoid, so I’d rather wait until more of you try it and tell me it doesn’t cause problems. Seems like a cool idea though.

I’ve heard of this. It’s really cool for about 20 minutes and then you uninstall it.

That’s terrifying.

Yeah, sounds about right.

Does it work for everything? Like even when you open a picture or an mp3???

No, just a program. I love it :x

heh, that is amusing, I’ll probably find myself downloading it and using it for a day, then getting tired of it and uninstalling it. ^^;;

Am I the only who thinks the Megaman games are incredibly difficult? Or they were, the last time I played them, which was long, long ago.

they can be challenging…
but I can still beat them okay…so I dunno about incredibly difficult…
though Wily’s little disappear and reappear to shoot thing gets old fast…

Man, I’d always kinda hoped someone would port this to PC. I think I’m going to secretly install it on the computer at work.

Nah, they’re nearly impossible for me. I think I’ve beaten a total of 2 or 3 bosses out of all of them.

i hate megaman its for kids who can’t play a rpg properly

I’m not sure if I hope that’s an attempt to start a flame war or not. Either way, you lose.

He loses for just saying he hates Mega Man. That’s like hating Zelda or Castlevania or something. It’s just not right.

They’re easy if you take them in the correct order…


But I love them. Deeply.

So … you wouldn’t be, y’know, saying that a side-scrolling platformer, where speed and timing are almost mandatory, is for people who can’t play a game “properly” that consists entirely of operating menus and walking around?

Haha this thing is great. :’)

If there is one thing I hated about the first Megaman game it was the Gutsman stage. It took me forever to get across that canyon thing.

Well rather than how I responded on MSN a moment ago I’m just going to disregard the potential flame war about Megaman games up there.

Guts man’s stage was created somewhere in the bowels of hell by the demon of annoyance and insanity. I’ve gotten through it, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a line between “challenging” and “Oh god I hate all life”.

Beyond that yeah, its more or less a matter of figuring out the order to take the bosses in. The real issue I always have is which one to take first.

Oh, and the program looks pretty cool, I’ll install it once I’m off a library computer but probably end up uninstalling it a day later, as seems to be the general consensus opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Oh and another thing I forgot to mention…I HATE THOSE #@$#@%$#@ING BLOCKS IN MMX6! THAT BOSS THAT’S JUST TWO BLOCKS MOVING AROUND I HATE IT I HATE IT!!!

I can’t do megaman games. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fairly good with timing and what-not, but I simply can’t get the hang of them. The way megaman walks and moves, I just can’t get used to it. Also, the constant respawning of enemies kills me. but this looks neat all the same, might keep it for a while just cause i’df be too lazy to uninstall.

I can handle Megaman games fairly well. THey seem to get easier the further along they go, though. 1 was HELL. After that, they got just a little bit easier until Megaman 5 and 6, I wasn’t even using the special weapons to kill enemies anymore.