So, where was the AF joke?

So where was the April fools joke that was posted?

and who all won?

we all lost… except me. I won.

There was no joke, and they have no copy of Drakengard.

There WAS a joke. The joke was that there wasn’t a joke. All of you who searched around the site were obviously fools.

Xelo, how could we have no joke and no copy of the game at the same time? That doesn’t make sence, the statement contradicts itself.

The joke which people were attempting to find was in fact non-existant. The only joke was that there was a joke which was not the one in question. It’s one of tohse weird paradoxal things. It’s a joke if it isn’t a joke.

There is no paradox. The contest was the joke. And I guess you could have submitted that to try to win the contest, but since it was a joke, there was no Drakengard to be won.

There would still be a joke either way.

we have entries. One of them will win!

Is that another joke?

YOU’RE a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

your fucking FACE is <b>my</b> joke

One of the entries will win. But the joke is that the prize is not Drakengard.

That’s because the prize is your mother.

Dude, I SO want to win Vorpy’s mother.

Dammit, I gave up early! And Vorpy’s mom would have fit in so well with the rest of my collection!

Do not try and bend the joke; that’s impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. But, uh, I’d be interested to know what’s already in that collection.

Damn! I was just about to send in my response that there was no joke, and I had to go and click here.

Ignorance, as they say, is bliss.

congratulations to Charlemagne for finding the prank and winning the contest! He’ll be receiving his free copy of Drakengard shortly.

Tuh, staff are allowed to enter contests?