So uh

I just met jerry fucking only

he signed my jacket


Who the hell is that?

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bassist for the misfits (they’re a band)

Holy shit, that’s awesome! If only it was Danzig, then he would have told you to fuck off! (:-P)

jerry fucking only Is My Favorite!

Yeah well. Last Saturday I met David fucking Lloyd and he signed my copy of V for Vendetta and drew a picture of V on it so fuck you. :smiley:

I beat you on that by like a year and a half.

Cool, I guess…although I’m really not a big fan of anything the Misfits have put out since like the early 80’s.

30th anniversary tour at a venue that my friend was hosting them at. Alrosa Villa, same place that nut went crazy at and shot dimebag darrel. they actually dedicated the show to him.

jerry has some major charisma about him though.

I actually agree with you, but you can blame Danzig for being a drunken douchebag. :-\


well, jerry only was there from the beginning soooooooo

I was a fan before, but after that show holy shit. 30 years and the fucker still has it

Congratulations! It’s always great to meet the mind behind the art. Good to hear you had a good time at the show and that you were not disapointed. I haven’t heard too much by The Misfits but I like what I’ve heard.

I’ve gotten a few things signed by musicians from bands I like, as well as a director of one of the more recent Godzilla films. Are you going to put some sort of coating on the sig so it doesn’t rub off?

The difference now is that Jerry Only is a devout Christian, where he really wasn’t into his faith at all when the Misfits first broke up. It’s kind of hard to capture the old flair of tunes like “Where Eagles Dare” or “Bullet” when the key member of the same band would now probably be too offended by that music to write more of it.

I’m not trying to crap on you seeing Jerry Only or getting your jacket signed - that’s all cool - but I’m just saying that it really doesn’t matter that he’s an original member, since his perspective on life has changed so drastically since then.

I was going to mention that, but I thought that I’d get in trouble. I’m not sure why.

On the other hand, anyone on a 30th anniversary tour will have changed.

No I completely understand it.

They did play angelfuck and green hell though.

nah, it was just a fucking NICE experience for me. the misfits were my first band in my foray past country when i was like 11 since my brother always played country.
It was a pretty goddamn nice change.