Seattle University starts Fall Quarter in a couple weeks, and being in Seattle I guess it rains alot there. Now, this poses a problem for me, as, being from Southern California, I’m not sure how this whole water falling from the sky thing works in anything more that light showers.

Do I check the weather daily?
Do I always carry an umbrella?
–How’s this work?!

Please, remedy my ignorance.

How far is class from your dorm/whatever? If its raining, put a hoodie on and run fast :stuck_out_tongue:

I went five years without owning a rain coat or umbrella. In that time, I was not rained on once.

So yeah.

Can;t speak for Seattle, but let me tell you, the weather in the Rochester regiuon here is fuckign UGLY. Generally, you can watch the skies, and it gives you plenty of warnign about if it’s coming. If you’re gong to be going out a lot, and especially if you have plans coverign several days, check the weather, it shoudl keep you informed. Umbrellas are something you keep int he car for when it’s really pouring, but jsut grab one form the local dollar store. They’re usually small enough to keep in the door of a car, or your backpack. Dunno if any of this helps, or if it’s all common sense.

I live in Vancouver, which is just across the boarder from Seatle. I would recommend bringing an umbrella with you everywhere, unless it’s cloudless. It rains very frequently because this area is all a temperate rainforest.

It rains in Columbus a lot and we can usually tell it’s coming. But, Seattle being a bigger city I’m sure there’s a smog problem (I know that’s the case with Atlanta) so you might not be able to. If you wake up early, just turn on the news and you’re bound to catch the weeks weather report.

Thanks for the tips. It’s going to be a change to watch the news for the weather.

Watch out for Snow.

it’s just a little water so who cares unless you’re a girl

Speaking of Rain has anyone noticed the unusual amount of steady rainfall in this past month? I think that most of the central states from Colorado to Ohio, from the Dakotas to Texas have all been experiencing more rain in the month of August than the usual average.

Originally Posted by Gila-Monster
It rains very frequently because this area is all a temperate rainforest.

I thought that this area is all a temperate rainforest because It rains very frequently.

Yeah, Colorado has been getting hells of rain for the first time in years. For the past seven or eight, we’ve been lucky to get one rainstorm all year. Now they’ve been coming every day or night or so. It’s ill ass eff.

TrkJk: Don’t worry about the rain, unless it is blood, in which case, the god of death rides, and you are fucked. I am sorry.

Give us our fucking rains back, we’re burning kthxbi

He has to pay for a ticket if it’s raining bloo(oo)d.

We’ve been lucky around ehre. It’s rained, but mostly at night. Of coruse, that isn;t lucky for me, sicne that means that when i get out of the factory at Midnight, I get to walk home in the rain. Whee.